Thursday, October 14, 2010

Must Have This Especially In Business

I have something to tell about one of my hobbies before. Long time ago before I graduated in college I really tried to collect any business cards as one of my collections. Nothing to do with it I just wanted to save them and who knows I can use it in the future as I said before. Yes, it was indeed true because later after graduation I used it by way of contacting their institutions for any job hirings that suits my qualifications. Most of my collections are craft business cards more or less. I even share it to my other friends as well. Not only that by the time I was accepted by a certain company to work I still used them for any purchasing jobs just like where to order office supplies, bouquet arrangements and hotel banquets if we have some occassion in the company. So far it's been a great way collecting those important cards for self reference or in any means.

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