Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just The Way I Like It

I remember ten years ago that using a digital camera wasn't that popular to many local individuals. I mean I'm talking to our country who just simply used film camera that usually we afford to buy. Years later things change and people change. Now even in Philippines though the economic there is still striving for good but people doesn't forget to follow the latest trend. Whether your poor or in the middle class they tried to catch up what's new and what's hot. Just like now normally my friends and relatives used to print their favorite shots at own paced. Even me I prepare to print pictures at home and do some sorts of photo printing. Yes, it's easy to do anyway and I'm quiet following the latest technology wherever I may go. I love doing some photo printing in the house in the convenient of my schedule and availability. So, nothing to worry much and anyway I love photography so much.

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