Friday, October 15, 2010

How About You?

Some of my friends here are aware that I'm on vacation for almost a week. No adgitizing, ec dropping, blog update and any paid post. By the time I came back I felt lazy to do anything in front of the computer. It's like a feeling of a sick individual as I can described myself. My body doesn't want to move and wanted only to lay down in the bed. Wow, it is very awkward to say this, a feeling preggy or sick. I'm sure not and 100% of it. Why is that after vacation I encounter this kind of problem or what are we going to call with this. I think it's only a body call to relax once in a while and rest. Sometimes I can say that I don't managed well my time..I'm just abusing my health doing nonsense while spending enough time in some other social network. I need more sleep as I conclude. Maybe tonight is the night to start resting earlier. Health is wealth and I still believed that.


  1. rest and sleep are rewards we ought to do...i hope i can do more of those:)))
    take care and RELAX.

  2. i'm guilty of that i sleep late at night, hopefully i will start to sleep early starting today, we should love our health.