Monday, October 4, 2010

A Feeling of Laziness

This is how I best described myself this past few days. There are times I'm very eager to do some reviews and personal post. It was started last weekend, I don't even like to do paid post and couldn't do anything with it because it was my body request, lol. Just like the kitty cat in the picture I feel like a couch potato and hopefully next few days I will be alive again and active. We are going on our  3 days vacation at Massachussets this coming Wednesday and back at Saturday. I'm going to miss chatting and hopping different websites during those days. I don't like to bring laptop it's a close leisure trip and computer is quiet out of it as what my husband said so. I know the weather is not great but nothing to do with it because my husband 1 week vacation has been filed and approved already. I just wish more fun and safety with our trip next few days.

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