Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Souvenirs

Just to let you know that even though I'm here in another country my tiny little stuff of souvenirs and give-aways in Philippines are still intact. Would you believed if I will say that  even small tingy from high school were there up to now? Yes, with the help of my ever loving mother no one was lost and I'm checking it from time to time. Everytime I visit in the mall here it always reminds me of my stuff way back home especially in the give-aways section store displays. Sad to say that here I don't have enough space to put my new things for the reason that we are still living in the apartment and the space is way far perfect for my childs stuff only. Next year I'm planning to buy a horizontal tower for my stuff to keep in safe and secure. It will add beauty in the living room while looking those cute interesting souvenirs. Hopefully there at Texas it will not cost much as I expected. Looking forward to add beautification in my new apartment sometime next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love This Scenic Views

scenic seaside view at Massachusettes

This is one of our activity during our one week vacation at Massachusettes. We are so honoured having my husband close friend who been there to guide us all along the way. A month before of our trip they asked us already with the possible dates so that they can request vacation days from their facility as well. They are so kind indeed. We don't need to stay at the hotel anymore because only the two of them staying in their beautiful and huge house. My daughter 'Meg' was treatened as a little princess during our stay. No wonder because they don't have any kids yet for a couple of years in married. We are looking forward to visit their place again before our relocation at Massachusetts anytime next year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

How About You?

Some of my friends here are aware that I'm on vacation for almost a week. No adgitizing, ec dropping, blog update and any paid post. By the time I came back I felt lazy to do anything in front of the computer. It's like a feeling of a sick individual as I can described myself. My body doesn't want to move and wanted only to lay down in the bed. Wow, it is very awkward to say this, a feeling preggy or sick. I'm sure not and 100% of it. Why is that after vacation I encounter this kind of problem or what are we going to call with this. I think it's only a body call to relax once in a while and rest. Sometimes I can say that I don't managed well my time..I'm just abusing my health doing nonsense while spending enough time in some other social network. I need more sleep as I conclude. Maybe tonight is the night to start resting earlier. Health is wealth and I still believed that.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Must Have This Especially In Business

I have something to tell about one of my hobbies before. Long time ago before I graduated in college I really tried to collect any business cards as one of my collections. Nothing to do with it I just wanted to save them and who knows I can use it in the future as I said before. Yes, it was indeed true because later after graduation I used it by way of contacting their institutions for any job hirings that suits my qualifications. Most of my collections are craft business cards more or less. I even share it to my other friends as well. Not only that by the time I was accepted by a certain company to work I still used them for any purchasing jobs just like where to order office supplies, bouquet arrangements and hotel banquets if we have some occassion in the company. So far it's been a great way collecting those important cards for self reference or in any means.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just The Way I Like It

I remember ten years ago that using a digital camera wasn't that popular to many local individuals. I mean I'm talking to our country who just simply used film camera that usually we afford to buy. Years later things change and people change. Now even in Philippines though the economic there is still striving for good but people doesn't forget to follow the latest trend. Whether your poor or in the middle class they tried to catch up what's new and what's hot. Just like now normally my friends and relatives used to print their favorite shots at own paced. Even me I prepare to print pictures at home and do some sorts of photo printing. Yes, it's easy to do anyway and I'm quiet following the latest technology wherever I may go. I love doing some photo printing in the house in the convenient of my schedule and availability. So, nothing to worry much and anyway I love photography so much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Feeling of Laziness

This is how I best described myself this past few days. There are times I'm very eager to do some reviews and personal post. It was started last weekend, I don't even like to do paid post and couldn't do anything with it because it was my body request, lol. Just like the kitty cat in the picture I feel like a couch potato and hopefully next few days I will be alive again and active. We are going on our  3 days vacation at Massachussets this coming Wednesday and back at Saturday. I'm going to miss chatting and hopping different websites during those days. I don't like to bring laptop it's a close leisure trip and computer is quiet out of it as what my husband said so. I know the weather is not great but nothing to do with it because my husband 1 week vacation has been filed and approved already. I just wish more fun and safety with our trip next few days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Packing Up

I felt a little fear and excited inside knowing that middle of next year is our schedule of relocation to Texas. I said so because it's a new place, new sorroundings and in short a little of adjustments would takes place. Texas is a huge state that even my beloved country Philippines could be put and fit inside and can even be double as well. Wow, that's amazing right? Well anyway, as of now I slowly packing up those stuff that we haven't used. Time flies so fast and nobody will help me except  hunters creek is the one incharge to travel all our staff to Texas. The sooner to prepared the better for us later. Even my daughter is asking me if we are now ready to vacate because of what she saw in me packing up.
I just hope that by the time we can settling in the new place is as easy for all of us. I don't want to transfer anymore or maybe by different reason. It's very hard to keep on moving from one place to another. I just wish that we are going to be fine in there and safe all the time.