Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Without Her, I Won't Be Here In This World

Exactly the same I got married with my husband is also the special day or birthday of my mother the 28th of September. She is now celebrating her 68th birthday. I just wanted to share some thoughts about my mother and who she really is. My mom is typically a simple woman that never dream of to become rich and famous individual. Do you know what she always dreamt of? She just wanting us to finish our studies and got successful in our chosen field. With all the hardships of my father sending us 6 siblings in school until college thank God we made it and become all professionals. So I think now is the best time for us to repay their sacrifices that has given to us. Now that my father is physically ill we never give up to support the needs of our dear parents. Yesterday, I just saw my family back home through chat while they are celebrating my mom's birthday. I'm glad that all of us has something for her. I and my sister from Dubai give her cash as gifts, while my other brothers and sisters cook foods for her with their chosen menus. Wow, it's great knowing that until now we are still intact and helping one another. I even made a joke with my mom last night telling her to owe some money because she had a lot of cash gifts from us. She just answered me a big 'laugh out loud'. My wish for her is more years to live and physically healthy with the grace of God.  

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