Saturday, September 11, 2010

Want I Really Like This Christmas?

Time is almost finally here. We just don't know how time flies so fast without knowing that it is very near. Just to be honest I'm a type of person love jewelries when I'm still single but not to the extend that I prioritize it. Now that I'm married the more I'm not attracted more on jewelry I don't know why exactly or maybe because my husband do the same thing? First, would you believed that my husband class ring in nursing has been put in the drawer since the time it has been given? I know it sounds weird but that's what he is and we even got trouble in his style sometimes. Second, I know you won't believed me with this but I'm just being true and honest that my husband do the same thing with our wedding ring. You cannot find any single ring in his fingers and any other jewelries in the body. Sounds cruel hahaha but reality bites. To get back in what I want this Christmas is to get or to have a Digital SLR. I love photoshooting especially if my subject is my daughter,lol. Hmmnn, I know it will not be given this Christmas because I won't permit it to happen either. Just love to own it by next year. It is better to prioritize my father's medicine needs than getting earlier on what I like. I want my father to live more and be better in his condition. Have a nice weekend everyone...^_*

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