Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Balikbayan Box

It's our first time sending balikbayan box in my beloved place Cebu. Yes, it's first time because from 4 years of stay here in America we already got a vacation twice from 2008 and 2009. With it we just brought along our 'pasalubong' through our respective families. Unluckily we cannot pursue our plan vacation this coming January 2011 for some very important details that need decision not to travel. We prioritize first our relocation in the middle of next year to Texas and besides we need more money for it. Go back in my box, I just prepare it for 1 week with the help of my financier none other than my hubby of course. The contents of my box are kids used clothes, t-shirts/blouses, lotions, shampoos, parfume, chocolates, cookies, backpack, cane, barbie dolls, stuff toys, shoes, sandals, and medicines. Wow, it's a lot but would you believed that it doesn't fit in my jumbo box that make me feel mad a little. What I did was to take out rather the used clothes. Everyone is aware about the 3-day labor day sale so we went last Saturday at Jersey Shore Premium Outlet and shop beautiful stuff. That's the main reason why it doesn't fit anymore. I bought there 2 pair of Nike shoes, 8 pieces of Nike T-shirts, Nike Socks, Adidas Shoes, 2 bottles of Aerospostale cologne, 4 pieces of Aeropostale T-shirts and Toy'R'Us barbie dolls and baby dolls. That's awesome right? I just informed my family back home that I'm going to send another box anytime next month and I will not buy more because what I have in here is just right for the next shipment.

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