Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meg's Presents To My Hubby

Yeah , she wrote the card while I'm not watching...letter 'G' mess up
She draw cartoons represent her family

She gave this to her dad few days back. This is what she called her masterpiece for daddy's birthday, lol. I'm so proud with my child for she can write the alphabeth, can do simple additions and write her name as well. The thing is she doesn't go to school yet and what more the time she will. It's not impossible anyway because the intelligence of the person will run by the genes of by birth. My hubby doesn't like my child to join earlier in school and prepares to start by next year at the age of five. I believe with it anyway. It's a case to case basis in sending a child earlier at school especially if the mom is working. In my case I'm a stay at home mom so no reason to start early. I know my daughter will excel in school and I just hope that the Lord will guide her always in the right path.

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