Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Dancing Lady

A beautiful orchid - Dancing Lady
Yes, we call it dancing lady flower because as what you saw it really looks like a lady dancing. How about you do have one of this flowers in your garden? Here in USA I don't have it but in my hometown Philippines has lots of it. I miss our garden, where my parents loves taking cared of now. The place where I usually hanging on, reading books/magazines, chatting with friends and favorite place of my visitors.  Eventhough I find hard time watering our garden before but still quiet a worth. It adds beauty in our place especially those hanging plants,ornamental flowers/plants and the whole scenic itself. I just let my brother took some pictures among flowers so that I still have an idea how it looks like nowadays while I'm not there. Missed home  already and hoping any years from now I could spend much time to be with them.

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