Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Wrong With Them?

I feel pity to those people who are dead and victims of the hostage taking last Monday in Philippines. Oh my God, what happened now in my beloved country? Why it had happened? So many questions that need answers right? Honestly I felt bad the way they rescue and negotiate the suspect. They are so very lousy, wrong moved and very poor in decision making. People is very disappointed with what happened. Imagine it takes almost 12 hours to negotiate and still nothing happened. Feels like I'm watching a very lousy movie of all times in my TV. The government failed to give and listen the demands of the suspect beforehand. He just want some attention because he wanted to be back in service, trying to open his unclosed case, and petitioning his benefits that are being frozen. I cannot imagine that my country is like that now. One bad thing with what happened is Hongkong is issuing black alert in Philippines. They prohibit their people to trip in Philippines and vice versa to filipinos going in their country as well. I know it's not fair with the filipinos because it is an isolated case. All in all everything will push the blamed to the president and his fellows. I know it's not right to blamed somebody else but whose to blamed rather than high ranking officials. They need more training, tactics and ideas.

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  1. I so agree, the police force in our country badly needs a proper training in handling a crisis such as this. Ang nakakairita pa, may mga pulis na nagpose for picture taking at the place of the incident. So insensitive of them to do that.

    Thanks for commenting on my post sis. Lagi din ako dito sa blog mo, di nga lang ako nakakapagcomment as my blog time is very limited.

    My daughter is 5 years old and she is now attending Kindergarten at St. Joseph. How old na daughter mo? I watched the video you took yesterday heheh.

    Following your blog now.