Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watching Movie at Home

My hubby is off today, no work, nothing to hurry but just have to set back and relax. My daughter doesn't want to watch our movie, it's a parental guidance anyway. So she just stay at our bedroom watching her favorite cartoon movies while me and my hubby watched our movie entitled "The Warlords" starred by Jet Li and two other prominent actors. It was a great movie with full of lessons. Living in the chaotic world is not easy as far as we know. You going to put your loyalty and you should mean with it. I cannot forget the line they have promised while taking their oath. It goes like this,"Whoever will hurt his brother should be dead". Three of them made a promise and made a blood compaque. After all trials and war they have together only one girl made their promises broke. As the saying goes by ''you cannot served two masters at the same time". The problem is they loved only one woman and that led their promises broke until one day they killed one another as their own punishment. Wow, what a history for them, though it was just a movie. I really do agree with the movie's lesson because even myself will always fulfill my promise to the best of my ability. Eventhough how hard would it get I'm the kind of person who stick to my promises and loyalty. Have a nice day everyone. ^_^

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