Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Changes

I could not resist but to write a little bit about what I felt among one of my favorite local showbiz personalities. I'm one of her avid fan or follower ever since she became famous in showbiz as Queen of Talk Shows. Well, to those who doesn't knew I'm a certified 'Kapamilya' while my hubby is 'Kapuso' sounds fun right? Even in T.V shows were always a rivalry, lol. This is the first time that I withdraw myself as one of her fan, I don't like the way she's doing or acting lately on T.V. I'm there already that we don't really know what exactly happened in their relationship. Started from the day of her brother's inauguration she made a big scene that attracted negatively among filipino people. I don't want to elaborate further about her because I know everyone knows her. Just lately , the famous husband recieved an MVP award and aside that he recieved a court order at same day. Wow, what a nice happening. They didn't wait until the next day and really ruined James's special day. From now on here in New Jersey we don't like to watch 'Pilipinas Win Na Win' at all because of her. Though I'm a certified 'kapamilya' sad to say that the new game show is not great and pretty boring especially the host. C'mon management look for another alternative people doesn't like it. Hope it will end soon and another show will replace.

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