Thursday, August 5, 2010

Showing Kindness

This coming Saturday 7th of August were going to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets for shopping galore. We've come up to go there for the sake of reaching out with our new neighbor and by showing them around. My friend mentioned me few days ago that her hubby wanted to buy a shoes which is not too much expensive. They went to a mall lately trying to look for a rubber shoes but doesn't like to buy if it's more than $150 bucks. Slowly they are buying a couple of stuffs that they could bring back to India this coming December. I told them about the outlets located in Jersey Shore, Jackson and in Flemington NJ. These are the branded stuffs that was sold straight from the factory and sold cheaper compare to the malls. So they are going to ride us this coming Saturday morning . The only fact is we cannot eat together in one restaurant for they are strictly to eat only Indian cuisine foods. So, we will just eat some french fries or cookies at Jersey Shore just to feel them fair. They doesn't like to go at Indian Restaurant anymore because they have an appointment at 1:00pm so we will just drop them off at their apartment after the shopping. I think this is the first time that somebody is with us in our new car. Sounds fun and great. I feel excited already with our coming shopping.

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