Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect For People With Disabilities

Now I can tell myself how important that my beloved parents should have a car or something that could transpot them wherever they might want to go. Especially now that my father is currently undergo some treatment for his diabetes. Our car in Philippines is initially broken and need some repair, obviously needs money for that. Right now we siblings are planning thoroughly if whether we will buy a Handicap Vans. With this is not hard for them to go somewhere else. Practically speaking they are not young anymore so anyhow they really need it whether they like it or not. I'm still contacting my other brothers and sister working in the other foreign countries to make a fair decision and help raised the money as well. Hopefully we can decide sooner because our ill father wanted to go somewhere else and doesn't want to stay home anymore. My parents are looking forward for more trips without any hassle for transportation. I know we can do it as long as everyone will do their share.

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