Monday, August 30, 2010

It's His Birthday

I cannot believed it but here we come the clock is ticking so fast. Next two days is the start of 'ber' I mean month of September. A time and month that reminds us that Christmas is near. Well, before anything else I will tell you first that my husbands birthday falls on September 1st. Yes it will be few days from now. Tonight by the time he goes to work I will prepare a little surprise for him or rather prepare our stuff that we bought last week. My husband is not used with surprises and don't even care whether he has presents or what. Okey, so what I bought is just a simple stuff that he can used everyday and pretty sure he will like it. He is very simple that even my friends don't believe the thing that I'm going to give. I just bought it from Jockey store at Jersey Shore . Not an expensive one but the meaning and thoughfulness really comes deep inside my heart and soul. Advance happy birthday my dear honey..^_*


  1. yup, "ber" months is coming. i'm smelling christmas....yey!

  2. yes, your right and it feels me cold already for the coming winter, lol.