Friday, August 20, 2010

How About You? Do You Pray?

Yes, we do pray very well as well in church, pray before meals and bedtime. I'm so happy that my little girl do the same too. Sometimes in church though I don't mean it I cannot resist in some cases to smile because my daughter will say her prayers very loud. The people seated near us will turn their eyes with her and smile too. She always pray good health for me, daddy, grandparents in Philippines, cousins and friends. Never tired of saying that she wanted be a succesful doctor, nurse and Karate master someday. Wow, believed it or not that is her prayers everyday. She's doing pretty well good. My daughter is different from other kids in church because she is not talkative , grumpy , and don't even made some disturbance. She participate well and follow what we do and tried to catch the songs we've sing. Hopefully my child will continue her good deeds. We as parents will always here to support and love her with all our life.

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