Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Health is Priceless

Yesterday afternoon my aunt leave a voicemail saying that she wanted to see me early morning for any little favors. I'm glad she came a little bit late than I expected. It is because I wanted to arranged and clean-up some mess in the living room. Ohh, forget it but my living room looks like a messy storeroom, lol. Though I keep on arranging them but my child put it all over again. By the way, going back to my aunt I managed to pick couples of her white hair. Well, that's normal anyway, she doesn't want somebody will recognized it especially at her work. Feeling young as she said. In the middle of our conversation she made mentioned to me that she is tired already from work. At the age of 53rd she wanted to relax and enjoy her money in the Philippines. As for her when she reached 55 to 60 is the best time to stop from work. Well, it's not a problem on her my aunt has a lot of money. She is still single and available until now. She is serving as a nurse in the hospital for almost 25th years already. Wow, what a great attainment. She's looking forward to build a small business in Philippines and assist her family running the their huge lot in Leyte. She doesn't want to be pressure in her job anymore and next few years wanted to set back and relax while her health is in good shape.

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