Monday, August 30, 2010

It's His Birthday

I cannot believed it but here we come the clock is ticking so fast. Next two days is the start of 'ber' I mean month of September. A time and month that reminds us that Christmas is near. Well, before anything else I will tell you first that my husbands birthday falls on September 1st. Yes it will be few days from now. Tonight by the time he goes to work I will prepare a little surprise for him or rather prepare our stuff that we bought last week. My husband is not used with surprises and don't even care whether he has presents or what. Okey, so what I bought is just a simple stuff that he can used everyday and pretty sure he will like it. He is very simple that even my friends don't believe the thing that I'm going to give. I just bought it from Jockey store at Jersey Shore . Not an expensive one but the meaning and thoughfulness really comes deep inside my heart and soul. Advance happy birthday my dear honey..^_*

Worth Fighting For

It's pretty funny because from the headstart of planning to relocate now I'm busy with any important data like contacting Austin Personal Injury Lawyer for personal purposes in the furture. As what they've said better prepared from the beginning than it will be too late later. Family and friends are living around Austin too so theres a big possibilities that we might transfer there too. Hopefully this coming Fall sometime in October my husband request of leave could be granted so that we can visit the place and can finally decide. Now i know it's not easy to relocate, it gives you a lot of headache. Your going to choose the apartment, workplace, school and nearby stores for errands. I hoping that when I get there I can continue my driving without hesitation. I know that I really need it but sometimes my nervousness kill my confidence. I just cross my finger and by next year we can settle all the matter for anything less.

Perfect For People With Disabilities

Now I can tell myself how important that my beloved parents should have a car or something that could transpot them wherever they might want to go. Especially now that my father is currently undergo some treatment for his diabetes. Our car in Philippines is initially broken and need some repair, obviously needs money for that. Right now we siblings are planning thoroughly if whether we will buy a Handicap Vans. With this is not hard for them to go somewhere else. Practically speaking they are not young anymore so anyhow they really need it whether they like it or not. I'm still contacting my other brothers and sister working in the other foreign countries to make a fair decision and help raised the money as well. Hopefully we can decide sooner because our ill father wanted to go somewhere else and doesn't want to stay home anymore. My parents are looking forward for more trips without any hassle for transportation. I know we can do it as long as everyone will do their share.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Wrong With Them?

I feel pity to those people who are dead and victims of the hostage taking last Monday in Philippines. Oh my God, what happened now in my beloved country? Why it had happened? So many questions that need answers right? Honestly I felt bad the way they rescue and negotiate the suspect. They are so very lousy, wrong moved and very poor in decision making. People is very disappointed with what happened. Imagine it takes almost 12 hours to negotiate and still nothing happened. Feels like I'm watching a very lousy movie of all times in my TV. The government failed to give and listen the demands of the suspect beforehand. He just want some attention because he wanted to be back in service, trying to open his unclosed case, and petitioning his benefits that are being frozen. I cannot imagine that my country is like that now. One bad thing with what happened is Hongkong is issuing black alert in Philippines. They prohibit their people to trip in Philippines and vice versa to filipinos going in their country as well. I know it's not fair with the filipinos because it is an isolated case. All in all everything will push the blamed to the president and his fellows. I know it's not right to blamed somebody else but whose to blamed rather than high ranking officials. They need more training, tactics and ideas.

One of the Requirements

My husband is very busy lately complying all the requirements needed for another state exam since we are going to relocate another state so he have to get another state license. Before you can get what you are wanted to have all nurses and other individuals are required a Background Check . Though it is required by law if somebody hires you in a certain company. I have an experienced like that because I used to work in a hotel before. My hubby is certainly mad with the slow processing of all the papers he submitted at Texas. Well, obviously he is just too excited to relocate and apply a new facility there. Right now, we are still waiting for the fingerprint printing result before he can proceed to the next step. I always told him to be calm and be patient in all undertakings. Just go with the flow for surely in few days from now you can take the examination and get the Texas license. I just hope we can relocate their before the fall 2011 classes begin. Goodluck to all of us.

Friday, August 20, 2010

How About You? Do You Pray?

Yes, we do pray very well as well in church, pray before meals and bedtime. I'm so happy that my little girl do the same too. Sometimes in church though I don't mean it I cannot resist in some cases to smile because my daughter will say her prayers very loud. The people seated near us will turn their eyes with her and smile too. She always pray good health for me, daddy, grandparents in Philippines, cousins and friends. Never tired of saying that she wanted be a succesful doctor, nurse and Karate master someday. Wow, believed it or not that is her prayers everyday. She's doing pretty well good. My daughter is different from other kids in church because she is not talkative , grumpy , and don't even made some disturbance. She participate well and follow what we do and tried to catch the songs we've sing. Hopefully my child will continue her good deeds. We as parents will always here to support and love her with all our life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Changes

I could not resist but to write a little bit about what I felt among one of my favorite local showbiz personalities. I'm one of her avid fan or follower ever since she became famous in showbiz as Queen of Talk Shows. Well, to those who doesn't knew I'm a certified 'Kapamilya' while my hubby is 'Kapuso' sounds fun right? Even in T.V shows were always a rivalry, lol. This is the first time that I withdraw myself as one of her fan, I don't like the way she's doing or acting lately on T.V. I'm there already that we don't really know what exactly happened in their relationship. Started from the day of her brother's inauguration she made a big scene that attracted negatively among filipino people. I don't want to elaborate further about her because I know everyone knows her. Just lately , the famous husband recieved an MVP award and aside that he recieved a court order at same day. Wow, what a nice happening. They didn't wait until the next day and really ruined James's special day. From now on here in New Jersey we don't like to watch 'Pilipinas Win Na Win' at all because of her. Though I'm a certified 'kapamilya' sad to say that the new game show is not great and pretty boring especially the host. C'mon management look for another alternative people doesn't like it. Hope it will end soon and another show will replace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Health is Priceless

Yesterday afternoon my aunt leave a voicemail saying that she wanted to see me early morning for any little favors. I'm glad she came a little bit late than I expected. It is because I wanted to arranged and clean-up some mess in the living room. Ohh, forget it but my living room looks like a messy storeroom, lol. Though I keep on arranging them but my child put it all over again. By the way, going back to my aunt I managed to pick couples of her white hair. Well, that's normal anyway, she doesn't want somebody will recognized it especially at her work. Feeling young as she said. In the middle of our conversation she made mentioned to me that she is tired already from work. At the age of 53rd she wanted to relax and enjoy her money in the Philippines. As for her when she reached 55 to 60 is the best time to stop from work. Well, it's not a problem on her my aunt has a lot of money. She is still single and available until now. She is serving as a nurse in the hospital for almost 25th years already. Wow, what a great attainment. She's looking forward to build a small business in Philippines and assist her family running the their huge lot in Leyte. She doesn't want to be pressure in her job anymore and next few years wanted to set back and relax while her health is in good shape.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Showing Kindness

This coming Saturday 7th of August were going to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets for shopping galore. We've come up to go there for the sake of reaching out with our new neighbor and by showing them around. My friend mentioned me few days ago that her hubby wanted to buy a shoes which is not too much expensive. They went to a mall lately trying to look for a rubber shoes but doesn't like to buy if it's more than $150 bucks. Slowly they are buying a couple of stuffs that they could bring back to India this coming December. I told them about the outlets located in Jersey Shore, Jackson and in Flemington NJ. These are the branded stuffs that was sold straight from the factory and sold cheaper compare to the malls. So they are going to ride us this coming Saturday morning . The only fact is we cannot eat together in one restaurant for they are strictly to eat only Indian cuisine foods. So, we will just eat some french fries or cookies at Jersey Shore just to feel them fair. They doesn't like to go at Indian Restaurant anymore because they have an appointment at 1:00pm so we will just drop them off at their apartment after the shopping. I think this is the first time that somebody is with us in our new car. Sounds fun and great. I feel excited already with our coming shopping.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watching Movie at Home

My hubby is off today, no work, nothing to hurry but just have to set back and relax. My daughter doesn't want to watch our movie, it's a parental guidance anyway. So she just stay at our bedroom watching her favorite cartoon movies while me and my hubby watched our movie entitled "The Warlords" starred by Jet Li and two other prominent actors. It was a great movie with full of lessons. Living in the chaotic world is not easy as far as we know. You going to put your loyalty and you should mean with it. I cannot forget the line they have promised while taking their oath. It goes like this,"Whoever will hurt his brother should be dead". Three of them made a promise and made a blood compaque. After all trials and war they have together only one girl made their promises broke. As the saying goes by ''you cannot served two masters at the same time". The problem is they loved only one woman and that led their promises broke until one day they killed one another as their own punishment. Wow, what a history for them, though it was just a movie. I really do agree with the movie's lesson because even myself will always fulfill my promise to the best of my ability. Eventhough how hard would it get I'm the kind of person who stick to my promises and loyalty. Have a nice day everyone. ^_^