Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pretty Cool

I found out that lately I am fun of remembering my past memories and experiences. Maybe because I am trying to reconnect my old high school friends. Not bad at all because through the powerful social media it's been reconnecting as it is going meant to be. Best example that I'd like to remember is when I and my close friends are seriously collecting and personalized stationaries with our name on it. Different styles, unique colors and even the smell has in common as well. Now that I am happily married I told my husband that we will get a personal business cards. I will say that this would be great because I don't have to write on a piece of paper whenever somebody like to get my contact information. Sounds pretty cool and awesome right? Well, I'm trying too to adopt in my real world today. Nothings wrong with it anyway. Hopefully I can follow good vices and only for the best of my self-satisfaction.

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