Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New Pink Shoes

Pretty Pink Shoes

Would you believed that my daughter is pretty much growing nowadays? Yes, she envy already those pretty young lady shoes around or as what we called 'tween' kids around. Though she still 4 yrs old even me can feel already that at a later time I will be just surprised that my one and only daughter will transformed into teen and lady someday. Sounds scary right but I'm just reacting in practically.
One time when we gone at the store I saw this shoes first and likes it. Unknowingly Meg pick it up and carry wherever we go. She forced us to buy it though it doesn't fit her yet. We will count two more years to go until she can wear the pink shoes. No second taught on buying it for even me and my husband likes it as well. That's the smallest size and obviously nothing fits in her age. Anyway it's not expensive better get it and have fun seeing our daughter using the shoes and acted like a model right at our living room.

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