Friday, July 23, 2010

Need Additional Dresser

I always remember what my parents told me before I reached in motherhood stage. They never failed to remind me on how to brought up my future children. Just like what my mother said that never buy a lot of clothing stuff for your child especially if they're still at infant stage. It's because they will suddenly grow-up surprisingly one day. Seems like yesterday my little girl has a cutie dresser in our room and now we need another one for her stuff . My husband and I are hopping around to look for the right dresser for my daughter. Its not a problem anymore because I'm good at it choosing the perfect style and color for my girl. We saw rustic bedroom furniture at the particular furniture factory for kids. It's quiet cool and cozy to look at. No wonder since I have a girl. I can choose lot of styles and designs. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be a mommy of one. No competition among siblings and we are just focusing and giving the needs of our one and only daughter.

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