Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Best Cousin's Birthday

Yes, last 13th of July was my cousins 33rd birthday. I will say that she is full of blessings and surprises because a week before they found out that she is one month pregnant. What a priceless gift indeed. She is my closest cousin among others and my best friend as well. I knew everything about her and vice versa to me too. I'm so happy of all the things happened to her from past to present. Well, I believed if you are a kind person you will harvest fruits at the end. As for me, I don't expect in return but honestly I expect something better just like our Lord will always guide me whatever my life may bring from day by day.. For you my dear cousin, May the Lord shower and guide you from all trials in life. No matter what happen I will always be the same person as you know me before. Happy Birthday and miss you so. Hope will gonaa bond each other again by the time I visit Philippines sometime next year.

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