Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leche Flan

I feel like my daughter is slowly following one of my habits. Aside from being a kind girl she's into cooking as well. Last Sunday, she never stops begging on me that we are going to cook leche flan for her dad. Yeah, my husband loves to eat desserts especially if I'm the one prepares for it. Everytime I cook my daughter also do her shares just like mixing all the ingredients. She like to hold and the wire whip while putting my prepared ingredients in the bowl. Well, this is a good sign being a kid. By the time she will grow-up it's not hard for her to cook and engaged in the kitchen. Going back in my leche flan, I can say that I'm doin great and the taste was extremely delicious. Since I'm trying to avoid some fatty and sweets foods honestly I managed not to eat it at all for my diet sake. I'm proud because I made not to break my own rules. Awww, quiet sad I forbid myself eating those foods. Well, anyway it must be for my health benefit and maybe someday, somehow I could get a reward on what I am trying to.

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  1. yah i love leche flan too :) My dau knows how to cook this one, every occasions we have she will volunteer to cook :)