Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Dreaming

Usually I will stay at the living room while spending my time for dropping, adgitizing, blogging, facebook and etc. During my daughter's napping time I suddenly heard her crying hard. Oopps seems like new to me. I didn't hear my daughter cry while sleeping or maybe just awoke. I hurriedly came beside her and ask what happen. She tole me that she had a dream. I ask her on what it is all about but then she didn't replied on me but instead of crying though I'm there already. I just simply hug and offer her a drink so that she would stay calm. Later she join me and finally told me what happened on her dreams. She said ,"Mommy don't leave me and just go to work by the time I will go to school". In short my daughter doesn't want me yet to go to work. She was used that I'm always at her side since I resigned at the hotel. To make her feel comfortable I answer her that "I promise you that I'm always here at your side and I will go work by the time your in school. Probably next year I can continue my job or look another job because Meg will be in kindergarten. I'm so excited for my little girl's new adventure in life. I know everything will go smoothly and all is well hopefully.

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