Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome Movie

We just came home from the movie house after lunch. Having so much fun inside the theater while watching "Karate Kid". The lead star was so cool, well anyway he inherited that from his famous dad Wil Smith. The story was indeed realistic from your birthplace moving to a stranger place. It's pretty hard in reality right, especially if the language is totally new to you. A feeling like you are a prisoner of your own. A stage on where you will have to adjust and adopt for your sake. My daughter love it so much compare the movie we saw last week which is ''The Last Airbender''. Wow, my little girl is a movie goer now and she is much likely to watch another movie next weekend entitled the ''Toy Story". Just like me and her dad we love to see at the movie house at the big screen because the impact is very much more different compare watching it in DVD's. The only thing we cannot watch are adults movie because my daughter is always with us. So that's the only time we can rent or buy DVD's that we like for ourselves.

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