Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aunt Is Not Feeling Well!

Yesterday the three of us headed at our Aunts house to get some fresh vegetables right from her backyard. Hmmnn, I always smell it for it was very fresh compare the one at the grocery store. Right there and then I miss my family back home in Philippines for it reminds me with our vegetable garden. I remember back when I'm still a child when we go to the market to bring the crops for sale. Yes, it is very memorable for me just like with my sister who almost feel down at the stairs while murmoring. Back to my aunt she physically catch up some mild cough and colds from the patients she taking cared of from hospital. As I look at her face she really needs time to rest for some in awhile and thats what she is doing right now. A one week vacation leave is fun for her to do. Her house is very huge but the problem is she is single at the age of 50 right now. Just as what I'm always tease her to find a man as I believe it's not too late to have fun and enjoy, lol. Being a 100% dedicated from work is a big change of her lovelife before and has been disregarded until present. Well, everyone has it's different call from God whether you will leave as married or single blessedness. Different styles and life but we have to live our life to the fullest whatever what it has meant to be.

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