Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Treat

Honestly, this is my first time to make a maja blanca. It is because in Philippines I don't have even space to make one, for everyone in the family loves to cook and usually my elder sister always prefer for herself and the rest will just eat. Well, that's what I like either just to relax and see everyones busy. Of course not I'm just kidding. But know what last father's day I surprise my husband with this new treat and he was really surprise because he wasn't used that I make maja blanca. He like the taste and my way of cooking. I just simply told him it is because this is for our own and not for commercial sake. Hmmnn, even myself can tell that my first time in making this is awesome and really taste great. He even compare on why is that some looks so clear while mine is very rich. Well, just like what I say it's the matter of preparations and the ingredients used. People have different styles anyway.