Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What About This One?

I don't have nothing much to do than watching my daughter aside from blogging. My celfone and digicam always with me wherever may I go. While playing outside the yard I keep on thinking what to do with my lil' girl. Just then I remember that I didn't able to take photos of her moles, lol. Yeah, this is a simple request from my sisters to do way back then. I was surprised with her moles because we have something in common except the one in the photo above. The one in her foot is the same with my older sister Jovy whose in Dubai right now. They have two common moles while the other one is at her back of the shoulder. We keep on laughing with this one because as what they say these mole represents how "lakwatsira" the person is. Hmmnn, what's the connection in science right? Well, anyway I usually don't believed on whatever they say. Just to tell you a little I just discovered that almost everyday my daughter wanted to go anywhere as long as she can get out the house and shopping is her favorite things to do. How about you mommies what do you think is the real meaning of her mole? Have a nice day :)

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