Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prayer Is The Best Weapon

Nowadays I don't feel much better knowing that my parents in Philippines isn't in good health. Sad to say but father is diabetic and not in good shape. Some people blaming us siblings by not forcing my father before and have been checked earlier by a doctor. Well, my father is very stubborn when it comes to medicine he always prepares some self-medication rather checked at the hospital. We saw some signs and symtoms even before but still my father doesn't like to be checked. Now, I will say that he needs more attention because he's not feeling well anymore and usually gets dizzy once in a day. My husband forced him to go to the doctor so that we will know the status of his health and as expected he is physically ill and must undergo certain medication. He will undergo another test sometime next week and all of us prayed that the result is not too bad and can find remedies. I believed prayer is the best weapon among all else. All of us hoping that my father will gonna have more life to live. Aside from being a diabetic he don't have any vices at all so it's really a big help for his health. We all know how expensive to get sick in Philippines especially for a diabetic patient. As what my brother told me aside from prayer my father well need our assistance financially.

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