Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Good News

My 1st degree cousin happened also to be my best friend. Were at the same age, she is just 4 months older on me. The other day was a big surprise on me for she is two months pregnant and gonna due this coming January of next year. That's really good news for us because unknowingly he is difficult to get pregnant. We share sentiments before, from sadness to laughter jus like a close sister of mine. We have everything in common that is why we survived to stick one another for almost 32 years now. Not bad right? I missed my best cousin far away from here. Hopefully we could pursue our vacation plans next year so that I can see our new addition in our clan sometime next year. New babies are fun in the family. I even prepare already some cute stuff to give for her little one regardless of her gender.

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