Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Aunt's House

We live at my aunt's house way back 2007 for almost two years before we decided to rent an apartment. Honestly, I wanted and wish for a house of our own but not as big as their house. I'm just a simple person but not a social type of woman. I don't like this house for the reason it was super huge and very expensive. Sometimes way back before we cannot mostly see people inside because they are just staying in each room. Imagine 4 big bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom downstairs ,1 bedroom at the basement and 4 bathrooms . I even feel scared of this house before. I know I'm just too paranoid thinking of those weird things I've seen in the movie. That's the way I feel and it's just normal for a very big house like this. I still prepare for a 2-3 bedroom house just suited for my family and a simple way of living.