Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Miss My Papa In Philippines

Father's Day celebration is on the way. From mother's day to father's day we siblings of six always prepares something for the celebration. Would you believed if I say that I love more my father than my mother? Yes, I love them both but basically because I'm a father's girl since then. I don't usually share problems to my mom as to compare with my dad. Maybe for the reason because my mom is very one sided on opinions. My dad is always there beside me to listen and confide in times of difficulties from financial to emotional problems. I just wish my father will live longer inspite of his health. He is sickly nowadays . Early next year I can submit already a petition to become an American citizen so by then petition of my parents will follow. I want them to live like what I have now and most importantly their health will be strictly monitor here in US.

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