Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do or Die

Yes, tonight is the big night. I'm very much excited already for the NBA final season game 7 tonight 9:00 pm @ ABC 07, Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics. I love Kobe Bryant so much for he is very dedicated in his career. Each of his moves thrills and amazed me. Everyone's thrilled for tonights game because it's championship night or as what my father said it's a Do or Die game, lol. Well, whoever will become champion for tonights game is gonna be awesome as expected. The two team is great and always gives their best. I love Lakers but my husband loves the two team he had favorites between the two so it doesn't matter at all for him whoever will won the game. Goodluck to all Lakers fans..How about you guys, whom do you prefer to be the champ?


  1. im a fan of lakers too.i hope they win

  2. hello...yes, they are the champion last night :) cheers..^_^