Monday, June 7, 2010

Adorable Little Girl

I'm proud to say that I am the mother of this young gorgeous little girl. These photos was taken last Saturday at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania. This is for the celebration of her 4th birthday, a treat from Daddy of course. We did enjoy our trip at Sesame especially my daughter. The best attraction for them is Big Bird's Rambling River. They enjoy floating and playing at the water. Even myself wanted to join them but sad to say nobody will watch our stuff and I just stick my job as my child's official videographer and photographer, lol. I always love taking photos of my baby girl. She is a natural poser at her age and love to pose in-front of the camera.
As our one and only daughter, we just wished her everything great for her until she grow up. We will always be there to guide and protect her from harm. Even now, we slowly explain to her how lucky she is compare to her cousins and relatives in Philippines. Were teaching her how to save money and how important to share some blessings to others. That way, atleast she could absorb a little of filipino values. Good night everyone and see you around..


  1. happy happpy birthday Meg! your are now a certified big girl, soon you will be going to school and I know you will make daddy and mommy proud of you.