Friday, May 14, 2010

Terrible Schedule

Inspite of my husbands hectic schedule he able to manage one full time and one part time job as a nurse. A lot of his friends amazed him on his lifestyle. Yeah, we all know its not good for his health. As for the moment he want to grab this opportunity so that he can save more for our relocation next year. Just for the meantime not for good. Would you believed he worked sixteen hours straight for two weeks? How many hours he spend for sleeping? Well, thats a big question you know. He was mad this morning because he taught his free and no schedule for part time job. By the time we get at the park his part time agency called him on why he didn't arrived at the school yet?! Oh-ooh, as far as we knew today schedule wasn't listed on our organizer. But what he can do is to try to go there because the school is waiting for a nurse and they said that it is better late than never at all. This is nobody's fault because both parties were not clear on their schedule. Being a nurse is not as easy as we knew. As what my husband told me, they worked very intense at the nursing holmes compare at the hospital. That is why next year, he will apply as a nurse at Texas hospital next year hopefully.

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