Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You by George Benson

I think everyone had a hint already on why I posted this song. Yes, it's quiet corny and it does chills me through my bones to say that it is our theme song. As time goes by till now we both still adore and love this song. Not just the rhythm of the music but the meaning of the song is very much indeed wonderful. How about you mommies out there, whats your favorite music together with your hubby? Surely you have your own pick right? Nice to say that my little girl is musically inclined as well. She don't choose a song or type of music anymore because everytime we played a song she used to like it as well and even sing together . Well as what we can see, my daughter has a voice quality much likely with her dad and grandma but don't mention mine anymore. I love music but sad to say music don't like me that much. My daughter has a lot of favorite singers both local filipinos and here abroad. Hopefully she will not change until she will grow-up into a fine young lady that would still love music.

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