Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Newest Little Idol In Philippines

Isn't she lovely?
I just wanted to share the photo of my newest little idol in Philippines. From the beginning up to now when shes joining little big dreamers I already keep an eye on her. She's not a big winner but shes on top 3 finalist. I can say, she is now the drama little princess. She is excellent in her drama roles. Well, it's very obvious after her acting as little "Agua Bendita" it was followed immediately with "Momay".
My family loves her especially my daughter who always watch "Momay" teleseries. Her dedication as an actress blooms right away. I just hope she will not change and she will grow-up into a fine young woman in the future. Go, go little Xyriel Anne. Hope to see you in person before you will reach in teenage years.


  1. She's very charming and sooo adorable... no wonder she was loved right from 'agua bendita' and now, for momay..Cheers!