Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodluck to All Voters

I ask my parents last night of who will be their next president to vote for Monday's election. Actually the two has unanimous bet. Well, I don't want to mention the presidentiables anymore it's quiet a secret for them. Secret is a secret anyway and I respect that, lol.
Inspite of all speculations, hopefully the election will flow like a river that flows smoothly. Why is that some people cannot accept that they didn't won the election and even lead them to kill somebody.In short power hunger. A lot of individuals wanting to be government officials and doesn't even know the functions. Is it a kind of a joke? They should know their credibility and credentials before running in a certain position. Not only because they are rich/poor, excellent credentials but the thing is their loyalty, love and support for their country Philippines. In just my own opinion some officials are just excellent in times of campaign period and after that they simply forget their duties and responsibilities. I'm not referring as a whole but just some few individuals. Well anyway, I just wish a peaceful election in the country on Monday, 10th day of May. Godbless to all voters and goodluck to all running individuals in different positions.

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