Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craving of Something

Ohh, I missed Cebu mangoes so much. The fine texture on it and especially the yummy smell of sweetness. I bought these mangoes at the Asian store here in NJ. One good thing I mastered already on which are sweet and not so sweet. For your information mommies pick the one at Ataulto from Mexico it's very sweet but your smell of taste won't work like what we always do in Philippines. It's not smelly at all, just look at it and use your instinct whether it sweet or not hahaha,lol. They have lots of mangoes here too comes from neighboring countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico and many to mention. I tried already and prepare mango float for desert but sadly to say I wasn't contented with the outcome maybe because I keep on longing for mangoes that is impossibly would be here. Atleast, I can buy mango ice cream at the Asian store made from Philippines, the famous Selecta Mango Ice Cream, really taste from the tropics. Yayyy, happy weekend everyone and enjoy :).

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