Monday, May 10, 2010

Congratulations to ALL Winners!!!

How about you? Was your bet won the election? Yes, I know that Comelec don't have any official announcement of winners at this time. Through looking at the unofficial result as of the moment we can determined on who won right? It's pretty clear and obvious already. Although I didn't cast my vote but still I'm quiet satisfied with the ongoing result. Hopefully, we could see changes in our beloved country few years from now. Nobody will deprived anymore the life, happiness and quality education among poor fellow citizens. Change is very important in Phillipine government for tomorrows children. I keep on watching TFC news and hooking up the net about the latest happenings and results of the election. I just crossed my fingers and hoping by next year I can tell myself and to my parents that they had a good job on voting the right candidate. People should not forget this saying and apply themselves as well ''If others can why can't I'' this will lead to improvements and satisfactions for everyone. Goddluck and God bless Philippines. ^_^

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