Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Daughter's Favorite Hang-Out

......Playing a game..... birthday...

Chuck'E'Chesses is my daughter's favorite hang-out and even other kids right? Kids wanted to spend their time here because it's awesome, very enjoyable at kids to all ages and even parents as well. This picture was taken last two years ago. I wanted to mesmerized this photo because this is the year where her daddy passed the NCLEX exam here in the USA. Were very happy that time. Our baby girl is very behaved that time because its her first time to get out and mingle some other kids. From time to time until now, I think once a week my baby girl was used or we are used to be at Chuck'E' Chesses to have some fun. Sometimes it kinda quiet boring because we are known already with the employees there, nothings new with all the faces, lol. But what can I do, she enjoys there and anyway we just wanted to give what she likes at this young age. Maybe someday we cannot noticed at all that our baby will suddenly become a young lady.

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