Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time To Watch Movie At Theater

Last year everytime we encourage my little girl to watch movie at the cinemas she always don't like and hesitate to get inside the theater. Maybe she's thinking that inside was dark and scary. Well that's normal for a newbie movie goer like her.
Last week was awesome both for me and her because finally when we told her to watch the 'How To Train A Dragon' and he answer a big 'yes'. She was scared at first with all the sound effects and a big screen pictures. After a while the three of us was overjoyed with my daughter's reaction and the movie as well. Great for she experienced it for the first time and hopefully a movie to follow this summer. The movie we saw had a good lesson for everyone. It's like the saying "Don't do unto others if you don't like others do unto you''. I always remember and likes a single line in the movie, a father and son discussion and it goes like this:Father said,"They (dragons) killed a hundreds of us (people)and the son answer "But father we killed thousands of them (dragons). Hiccup the son doesn't want to follow or killed the dragons because for him they could possibly be kind to each other and be friends if people should try to understand and feel each needs. And train them in a right way and well mannered.

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