Saturday, April 24, 2010

At The Museum

Early morning we've been visiting at the New Jersey State Museum's on it's 30th annual celebration called Super Science Saturday. This is a one day affair only so we grab the opportunity to be there earlier since my hubby have work at the evening. Living here in USA for more than four years its been my first time happened to see the state museum located at Trenton NJ. We travel there for 41 minutes from our place. We wanted that our child to be engage earlier about science. Knowing especially that they have 27 Exhibitors. We did enjoy a little bit seeing those old artifacts, bones of the different species and a lot of preserved stuff of collections. After roaming around the museum and checking all they exhibits we also join and watch programs at their planetarium. The program that we able to catch-up is all about 'Stars' at 11:00 am. My daughter was amazed since its her first time as well at the planetarium. Even me can get a lesson with what we saw or shall I say I get more understanding now about stars. Learning is unstoppable until theres life. ^_^

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