Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Daughter's Favorite Hang-Out

......Playing a game..... birthday...

Chuck'E'Chesses is my daughter's favorite hang-out and even other kids right? Kids wanted to spend their time here because it's awesome, very enjoyable at kids to all ages and even parents as well. This picture was taken last two years ago. I wanted to mesmerized this photo because this is the year where her daddy passed the NCLEX exam here in the USA. Were very happy that time. Our baby girl is very behaved that time because its her first time to get out and mingle some other kids. From time to time until now, I think once a week my baby girl was used or we are used to be at Chuck'E' Chesses to have some fun. Sometimes it kinda quiet boring because we are known already with the employees there, nothings new with all the faces, lol. But what can I do, she enjoys there and anyway we just wanted to give what she likes at this young age. Maybe someday we cannot noticed at all that our baby will suddenly become a young lady.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye Fishy

Yes, I'm talking about my little girl pets. Its an orange goldfish. Among five goldfish we have my daughter had a favorite. Eversince before we bought this fish at the petshop, we noticed something this fish aside from being friendly to other fish the color was very entertaining. It was sad that last week we found it uncomportable and looks ill. Then after a couple of hours her favorite fish was simply floating in the water and dead. Oouuch, my girl really felt bad and misses her pet so much. She wanted to buy another one likes her favorite but since her daddy is busy working , maybe sometime next week we can purchased a new group of fishes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time To Watch Movie At Theater

Last year everytime we encourage my little girl to watch movie at the cinemas she always don't like and hesitate to get inside the theater. Maybe she's thinking that inside was dark and scary. Well that's normal for a newbie movie goer like her.
Last week was awesome both for me and her because finally when we told her to watch the 'How To Train A Dragon' and he answer a big 'yes'. She was scared at first with all the sound effects and a big screen pictures. After a while the three of us was overjoyed with my daughter's reaction and the movie as well. Great for she experienced it for the first time and hopefully a movie to follow this summer. The movie we saw had a good lesson for everyone. It's like the saying "Don't do unto others if you don't like others do unto you''. I always remember and likes a single line in the movie, a father and son discussion and it goes like this:Father said,"They (dragons) killed a hundreds of us (people)and the son answer "But father we killed thousands of them (dragons). Hiccup the son doesn't want to follow or killed the dragons because for him they could possibly be kind to each other and be friends if people should try to understand and feel each needs. And train them in a right way and well mannered.

At The Museum

Early morning we've been visiting at the New Jersey State Museum's on it's 30th annual celebration called Super Science Saturday. This is a one day affair only so we grab the opportunity to be there earlier since my hubby have work at the evening. Living here in USA for more than four years its been my first time happened to see the state museum located at Trenton NJ. We travel there for 41 minutes from our place. We wanted that our child to be engage earlier about science. Knowing especially that they have 27 Exhibitors. We did enjoy a little bit seeing those old artifacts, bones of the different species and a lot of preserved stuff of collections. After roaming around the museum and checking all they exhibits we also join and watch programs at their planetarium. The program that we able to catch-up is all about 'Stars' at 11:00 am. My daughter was amazed since its her first time as well at the planetarium. Even me can get a lesson with what we saw or shall I say I get more understanding now about stars. Learning is unstoppable until theres life. ^_^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Think Clean and Green

Having fun at the park while celebrating Earth Day..

There just showing their love on this tree , lol..

How nice is to be always involved and practicing on how to help on making our environment into clean and green. For your information to those who doesn't know I'm one of the youth council in our barangay by maintaining clean and green in our surroundings. I don't know why I'm so eager enough to help without having in return. It was wholeheartedly coming from my heart. In the family of six siblings I'm the only active among youth and participating in all activities. That is why I wanted also to share with it with my daughter on how to help clean the surroundings and the good example for that is to segragate well the garbage trash from the recycle stuff. Thankfully my daughter got it already and even practicing by herself.

Showing love and care in our surroundings is a very good example to others. Let us try to do it first within ourself so that others may follow our good deeds. ^_^