Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give Yourself A Chance

 My friend got married to an american man lately. We had  a nice chat in facebook  while ago. Since we are close ever since I ask her how did he met his husband. As what she said, internet is her lucky charm on why he meet the guy of her dreams. I have lots of friends found their guy in the net just like Fort Wayne flirt who give ways and help you with online dating. This is great idea as to compare decades ago. Well, we understand also that technology nowadays are fast rising and most of the people are using internet. Good for the new generations and the coming childrens for the future. I just hope they will not misuse and abuse it. That is why we parents should always guide our childrens towards on thier future.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Their Getaway Plans

I'm so proud that I am currently living and residing the most powerful country in the world. Now that I'm here I am just a woman with dreams just like everyone else. I wanted also to visit Europe, other countries in Asia and South America. Just like here in America I already have relatives around to visit once in a while in the state they reside. What I am looking forward up to now is to see and visit the norfolk broads in U.K. Hopefully few years from now we could go there because the one and only sister of my husband is currently working there as a nurse also. So it's not quiet far that one of this years we could travel there as per financial permits. That is why I told my husband that we have to set aside a little savings for travel purposes even just have a piggy bank in the house for it will help a lot for any purposes.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm On Vacation

I've been out for a couple of weeks and doesn't have time to update my second blog. That's sad you know but I cannot do it timely. But the most important is I'm back, alive and kicking. Hopefully I could catch up as soon as possible. I know I missed a lot of time, reviews and some updates with my friends. Good day everyone, I'll catch you later of the day. ^_*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being Naughty Sometimes

I cannot forget the day we do trick and treating at the mall last October 31st. After we roamed for almost two hours around we go to men's section to buy a formal suit for my husband to used this coming end of the week. It happened that after we choose the suit, my kid is eating one of her treats which is a lollipop. It wasn't an accident or she doesn't mean it because it is very intentional that she wipe her lollipop to the blazer that I'm holding on. That i myself doesn't have a time to stop her because it was happened for a minute that I'm just stared at her and feel mad. When my husband come near me, he accidentally saw it right away because of the sticky rainbow colors of the candy. What he did was walking out without any words to say. I know my four year old was just making some silly things around. I keep on calling my husband's phone but he didn't answer me and even wait at the mall for almost an hour. I admit that sometimes my husband is over reacting over it. He doesn't want it anymore and wanting me to return it. Oh gosh, he needs that suit for the coming weeks. So what I did is to explain what happened just to calm him down. Only a drop of water is the best solution for what happened and he make it big as if no remedy at all. Sometimes life will make me crazy for the two important person in my life.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remembering Those Who Departed

Before I went to bed last night I cannot resist myself to think of one of my friend who sadly departed ten years ago. I cannot blamed him why he ended that tragic moment of her life though people around knew what's goin on with their family. I don't know if you believed me but days after he is dead I saw him in my naked eye watching over us during our youth caroling in our place, not once but several times. I don't want to remember all the things happened before but it really stucked on head last night and I didn't able to sleep until the clock strike at 3:00am. What I did is say a prayer for his souls that he may rest in peace. After I prayed thanks God my eyes closed at 3:45am. I know it's a hard time for him and we don't have nothing to do with it anymore than offer prayers for all departed souls especially to all my relatives and friends that I've known. May all of them will rest in peace..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Souvenirs

Just to let you know that even though I'm here in another country my tiny little stuff of souvenirs and give-aways in Philippines are still intact. Would you believed if I will say that  even small tingy from high school were there up to now? Yes, with the help of my ever loving mother no one was lost and I'm checking it from time to time. Everytime I visit in the mall here it always reminds me of my stuff way back home especially in the give-aways section store displays. Sad to say that here I don't have enough space to put my new things for the reason that we are still living in the apartment and the space is way far perfect for my childs stuff only. Next year I'm planning to buy a horizontal tower for my stuff to keep in safe and secure. It will add beauty in the living room while looking those cute interesting souvenirs. Hopefully there at Texas it will not cost much as I expected. Looking forward to add beautification in my new apartment sometime next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love This Scenic Views

scenic seaside view at Massachusettes

This is one of our activity during our one week vacation at Massachusettes. We are so honoured having my husband close friend who been there to guide us all along the way. A month before of our trip they asked us already with the possible dates so that they can request vacation days from their facility as well. They are so kind indeed. We don't need to stay at the hotel anymore because only the two of them staying in their beautiful and huge house. My daughter 'Meg' was treatened as a little princess during our stay. No wonder because they don't have any kids yet for a couple of years in married. We are looking forward to visit their place again before our relocation at Massachusetts anytime next year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

How About You?

Some of my friends here are aware that I'm on vacation for almost a week. No adgitizing, ec dropping, blog update and any paid post. By the time I came back I felt lazy to do anything in front of the computer. It's like a feeling of a sick individual as I can described myself. My body doesn't want to move and wanted only to lay down in the bed. Wow, it is very awkward to say this, a feeling preggy or sick. I'm sure not and 100% of it. Why is that after vacation I encounter this kind of problem or what are we going to call with this. I think it's only a body call to relax once in a while and rest. Sometimes I can say that I don't managed well my time..I'm just abusing my health doing nonsense while spending enough time in some other social network. I need more sleep as I conclude. Maybe tonight is the night to start resting earlier. Health is wealth and I still believed that.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Must Have This Especially In Business

I have something to tell about one of my hobbies before. Long time ago before I graduated in college I really tried to collect any business cards as one of my collections. Nothing to do with it I just wanted to save them and who knows I can use it in the future as I said before. Yes, it was indeed true because later after graduation I used it by way of contacting their institutions for any job hirings that suits my qualifications. Most of my collections are craft business cards more or less. I even share it to my other friends as well. Not only that by the time I was accepted by a certain company to work I still used them for any purchasing jobs just like where to order office supplies, bouquet arrangements and hotel banquets if we have some occassion in the company. So far it's been a great way collecting those important cards for self reference or in any means.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just The Way I Like It

I remember ten years ago that using a digital camera wasn't that popular to many local individuals. I mean I'm talking to our country who just simply used film camera that usually we afford to buy. Years later things change and people change. Now even in Philippines though the economic there is still striving for good but people doesn't forget to follow the latest trend. Whether your poor or in the middle class they tried to catch up what's new and what's hot. Just like now normally my friends and relatives used to print their favorite shots at own paced. Even me I prepare to print pictures at home and do some sorts of photo printing. Yes, it's easy to do anyway and I'm quiet following the latest technology wherever I may go. I love doing some photo printing in the house in the convenient of my schedule and availability. So, nothing to worry much and anyway I love photography so much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Feeling of Laziness

This is how I best described myself this past few days. There are times I'm very eager to do some reviews and personal post. It was started last weekend, I don't even like to do paid post and couldn't do anything with it because it was my body request, lol. Just like the kitty cat in the picture I feel like a couch potato and hopefully next few days I will be alive again and active. We are going on our  3 days vacation at Massachussets this coming Wednesday and back at Saturday. I'm going to miss chatting and hopping different websites during those days. I don't like to bring laptop it's a close leisure trip and computer is quiet out of it as what my husband said so. I know the weather is not great but nothing to do with it because my husband 1 week vacation has been filed and approved already. I just wish more fun and safety with our trip next few days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Packing Up

I felt a little fear and excited inside knowing that middle of next year is our schedule of relocation to Texas. I said so because it's a new place, new sorroundings and in short a little of adjustments would takes place. Texas is a huge state that even my beloved country Philippines could be put and fit inside and can even be double as well. Wow, that's amazing right? Well anyway, as of now I slowly packing up those stuff that we haven't used. Time flies so fast and nobody will help me except  hunters creek is the one incharge to travel all our staff to Texas. The sooner to prepared the better for us later. Even my daughter is asking me if we are now ready to vacate because of what she saw in me packing up.
I just hope that by the time we can settling in the new place is as easy for all of us. I don't want to transfer anymore or maybe by different reason. It's very hard to keep on moving from one place to another. I just wish that we are going to be fine in there and safe all the time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Without Her, I Won't Be Here In This World

Exactly the same I got married with my husband is also the special day or birthday of my mother the 28th of September. She is now celebrating her 68th birthday. I just wanted to share some thoughts about my mother and who she really is. My mom is typically a simple woman that never dream of to become rich and famous individual. Do you know what she always dreamt of? She just wanting us to finish our studies and got successful in our chosen field. With all the hardships of my father sending us 6 siblings in school until college thank God we made it and become all professionals. So I think now is the best time for us to repay their sacrifices that has given to us. Now that my father is physically ill we never give up to support the needs of our dear parents. Yesterday, I just saw my family back home through chat while they are celebrating my mom's birthday. I'm glad that all of us has something for her. I and my sister from Dubai give her cash as gifts, while my other brothers and sisters cook foods for her with their chosen menus. Wow, it's great knowing that until now we are still intact and helping one another. I even made a joke with my mom last night telling her to owe some money because she had a lot of cash gifts from us. She just answered me a big 'laugh out loud'. My wish for her is more years to live and physically healthy with the grace of God.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Dancing Lady

A beautiful orchid - Dancing Lady
Yes, we call it dancing lady flower because as what you saw it really looks like a lady dancing. How about you do have one of this flowers in your garden? Here in USA I don't have it but in my hometown Philippines has lots of it. I miss our garden, where my parents loves taking cared of now. The place where I usually hanging on, reading books/magazines, chatting with friends and favorite place of my visitors.  Eventhough I find hard time watering our garden before but still quiet a worth. It adds beauty in our place especially those hanging plants,ornamental flowers/plants and the whole scenic itself. I just let my brother took some pictures among flowers so that I still have an idea how it looks like nowadays while I'm not there. Missed home  already and hoping any years from now I could spend much time to be with them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transformation of My Living Room

In my present set-up of our living room really looks like an old stuff I have during my childhood days. Well, I will say that I feel bored at it already and need to transform into new look. I was browsing and searching at the net some elite styles that I could follow at the house. I wanted something new just like office furniture, I've seen in my workplace a year ago. There's no need to fill all the space in the area but this time I will make sure the look would be nice, neat and very presentable. That is why in our coming relocation my child will sleep in her own room together with her toys and everything. Surely my living room doesn't look chaos and crowded anymore. Spacious living room with it's unique furnitures and styles will make me feel like winning. I write all my transformation plans in my organizer so nothing to worry much when the time arrives.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love Free Stuff

I never thought that I finally landed a site that everyone would love with regards of their site and services. Before I don't even cared on how much I'm going to pay just to send those pictures through my album in the social site. I am so glad knowing what I have found recently in the net. This is an awesome Free SMS services from . Yes, it's true and people are switching their provider from now and then. Sometimes, I'm busy enough to forget my digicam so right now nothing to worry much because of this. No reason at all buy not bringing cameras for I can take pictures and videos through my phone that is free of charge on SMS . Better try to check this out and have fun on with their remarkable services.

I'm One of Charice Pempengco's Fan

Before I update this blog, I'm watching Glee Season 2 at Fox 5 @8-9pm. I marked my calendar already to watch this every tuesday. How about you, are you a fan of Charice too? Well, I know you are. Since she joined Little Big Star before @ABS-CBN I know already that she will rose to stardom and there she goes.
We are all aware of any speculations about her but that's what showbiz is all about. It is unavoidable to all artists and singers around the globe. I just hope Charice will always put her feet in the ground and change for betterment not for worst. She has a lovely voice, big heart and very determine young lady. Let us all be proud of her in all her attainments. She makes me proud as one of the filipino people.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Long Farewell

After how many months of following the story, last friday is the last episode of the said teleseries "Impostor". Starred by one of my favorite young actress/dancer Maja Salvador. Well, just to let you know I always hooking up all ABS-CBN's teleseries with this I'm pretty obvious a big fan of the network. This is a big break to Melay and Jason as well and they made a big impact of the story from the beginning up to the end. I just hope that my favorite network will work for more wonderful movies that would cater people at all ages. God bless Philippines and to all people in the world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids Pastime

Since my child own a Nintendo DS from her daddy I coudn't resist myself from borrowing it once a day. We bought 5 kids games already but the game that attract us most is the super mario bros. latest edition. Both me and my child love it the most that sometimes makes our day busy into it. Just to tell you honestly I've been playing mario games way back before I was a kid using our playstation, I couldn't just believed that until now I'm still a big fan ug mario bros. But the most important thing is were always here to guide our child when is the best time to play and the best time to get rid of it. Especially the distance of staring the DS we make sure that it is not too close in her eyes and she could rest as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rambutan Fruit

I miss this fruit so much. I just ask this photo in one of my friend who had a vacation in their farm in Davao. This is so yummy and fun, very mouth watering. I forgot to eat this fruit last time I have my vacation or maybe it wasn't on timing for harvest. You know everytime we have our vacation we cannot comply all the plans because of the limited time and leisure spend everyday. Hopefully next time we could visit and stay for more than one month. I'll make sure next time would be more great and fully satisfy myself with the said vacation..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Want I Really Like This Christmas?

Time is almost finally here. We just don't know how time flies so fast without knowing that it is very near. Just to be honest I'm a type of person love jewelries when I'm still single but not to the extend that I prioritize it. Now that I'm married the more I'm not attracted more on jewelry I don't know why exactly or maybe because my husband do the same thing? First, would you believed that my husband class ring in nursing has been put in the drawer since the time it has been given? I know it sounds weird but that's what he is and we even got trouble in his style sometimes. Second, I know you won't believed me with this but I'm just being true and honest that my husband do the same thing with our wedding ring. You cannot find any single ring in his fingers and any other jewelries in the body. Sounds cruel hahaha but reality bites. To get back in what I want this Christmas is to get or to have a Digital SLR. I love photoshooting especially if my subject is my daughter,lol. Hmmnn, I know it will not be given this Christmas because I won't permit it to happen either. Just love to own it by next year. It is better to prioritize my father's medicine needs than getting earlier on what I like. I want my father to live more and be better in his condition. Have a nice weekend everyone...^_*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Come Out and Seek

I believe the saying goes like,' there's nothing impossible if you believe in yourself '. Just like my single aunt here in America she never tired of looking for the perfect guy for her. She doesn't believed that old age will matter for here. Well, she has the freedom for that aspects in life. Couple of weeks ago I tease and told her that bbw want to meet near you thru online. You know what she is 100% interested in dating online. All what she wants is our guidance on what's the best thing to do while having an important conversation with a guy. Yes, we are serious about it too because we wanted her to be happy and feel complete for how many years of busy working as a nurse in the hospital. It's time to give herself an amful of time and dedication. Who knows this time she can find a man for her dreams.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Balikbayan Box

It's our first time sending balikbayan box in my beloved place Cebu. Yes, it's first time because from 4 years of stay here in America we already got a vacation twice from 2008 and 2009. With it we just brought along our 'pasalubong' through our respective families. Unluckily we cannot pursue our plan vacation this coming January 2011 for some very important details that need decision not to travel. We prioritize first our relocation in the middle of next year to Texas and besides we need more money for it. Go back in my box, I just prepare it for 1 week with the help of my financier none other than my hubby of course. The contents of my box are kids used clothes, t-shirts/blouses, lotions, shampoos, parfume, chocolates, cookies, backpack, cane, barbie dolls, stuff toys, shoes, sandals, and medicines. Wow, it's a lot but would you believed that it doesn't fit in my jumbo box that make me feel mad a little. What I did was to take out rather the used clothes. Everyone is aware about the 3-day labor day sale so we went last Saturday at Jersey Shore Premium Outlet and shop beautiful stuff. That's the main reason why it doesn't fit anymore. I bought there 2 pair of Nike shoes, 8 pieces of Nike T-shirts, Nike Socks, Adidas Shoes, 2 bottles of Aerospostale cologne, 4 pieces of Aeropostale T-shirts and Toy'R'Us barbie dolls and baby dolls. That's awesome right? I just informed my family back home that I'm going to send another box anytime next month and I will not buy more because what I have in here is just right for the next shipment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meg's Presents To My Hubby

Yeah , she wrote the card while I'm not watching...letter 'G' mess up
She draw cartoons represent her family

She gave this to her dad few days back. This is what she called her masterpiece for daddy's birthday, lol. I'm so proud with my child for she can write the alphabeth, can do simple additions and write her name as well. The thing is she doesn't go to school yet and what more the time she will. It's not impossible anyway because the intelligence of the person will run by the genes of by birth. My hubby doesn't like my child to join earlier in school and prepares to start by next year at the age of five. I believe with it anyway. It's a case to case basis in sending a child earlier at school especially if the mom is working. In my case I'm a stay at home mom so no reason to start early. I know my daughter will excel in school and I just hope that the Lord will guide her always in the right path.

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's His Birthday

I cannot believed it but here we come the clock is ticking so fast. Next two days is the start of 'ber' I mean month of September. A time and month that reminds us that Christmas is near. Well, before anything else I will tell you first that my husbands birthday falls on September 1st. Yes it will be few days from now. Tonight by the time he goes to work I will prepare a little surprise for him or rather prepare our stuff that we bought last week. My husband is not used with surprises and don't even care whether he has presents or what. Okey, so what I bought is just a simple stuff that he can used everyday and pretty sure he will like it. He is very simple that even my friends don't believe the thing that I'm going to give. I just bought it from Jockey store at Jersey Shore . Not an expensive one but the meaning and thoughfulness really comes deep inside my heart and soul. Advance happy birthday my dear honey..^_*

Worth Fighting For

It's pretty funny because from the headstart of planning to relocate now I'm busy with any important data like contacting Austin Personal Injury Lawyer for personal purposes in the furture. As what they've said better prepared from the beginning than it will be too late later. Family and friends are living around Austin too so theres a big possibilities that we might transfer there too. Hopefully this coming Fall sometime in October my husband request of leave could be granted so that we can visit the place and can finally decide. Now i know it's not easy to relocate, it gives you a lot of headache. Your going to choose the apartment, workplace, school and nearby stores for errands. I hoping that when I get there I can continue my driving without hesitation. I know that I really need it but sometimes my nervousness kill my confidence. I just cross my finger and by next year we can settle all the matter for anything less.

Perfect For People With Disabilities

Now I can tell myself how important that my beloved parents should have a car or something that could transpot them wherever they might want to go. Especially now that my father is currently undergo some treatment for his diabetes. Our car in Philippines is initially broken and need some repair, obviously needs money for that. Right now we siblings are planning thoroughly if whether we will buy a Handicap Vans. With this is not hard for them to go somewhere else. Practically speaking they are not young anymore so anyhow they really need it whether they like it or not. I'm still contacting my other brothers and sister working in the other foreign countries to make a fair decision and help raised the money as well. Hopefully we can decide sooner because our ill father wanted to go somewhere else and doesn't want to stay home anymore. My parents are looking forward for more trips without any hassle for transportation. I know we can do it as long as everyone will do their share.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Wrong With Them?

I feel pity to those people who are dead and victims of the hostage taking last Monday in Philippines. Oh my God, what happened now in my beloved country? Why it had happened? So many questions that need answers right? Honestly I felt bad the way they rescue and negotiate the suspect. They are so very lousy, wrong moved and very poor in decision making. People is very disappointed with what happened. Imagine it takes almost 12 hours to negotiate and still nothing happened. Feels like I'm watching a very lousy movie of all times in my TV. The government failed to give and listen the demands of the suspect beforehand. He just want some attention because he wanted to be back in service, trying to open his unclosed case, and petitioning his benefits that are being frozen. I cannot imagine that my country is like that now. One bad thing with what happened is Hongkong is issuing black alert in Philippines. They prohibit their people to trip in Philippines and vice versa to filipinos going in their country as well. I know it's not fair with the filipinos because it is an isolated case. All in all everything will push the blamed to the president and his fellows. I know it's not right to blamed somebody else but whose to blamed rather than high ranking officials. They need more training, tactics and ideas.

One of the Requirements

My husband is very busy lately complying all the requirements needed for another state exam since we are going to relocate another state so he have to get another state license. Before you can get what you are wanted to have all nurses and other individuals are required a Background Check . Though it is required by law if somebody hires you in a certain company. I have an experienced like that because I used to work in a hotel before. My hubby is certainly mad with the slow processing of all the papers he submitted at Texas. Well, obviously he is just too excited to relocate and apply a new facility there. Right now, we are still waiting for the fingerprint printing result before he can proceed to the next step. I always told him to be calm and be patient in all undertakings. Just go with the flow for surely in few days from now you can take the examination and get the Texas license. I just hope we can relocate their before the fall 2011 classes begin. Goodluck to all of us.

Friday, August 20, 2010

How About You? Do You Pray?

Yes, we do pray very well as well in church, pray before meals and bedtime. I'm so happy that my little girl do the same too. Sometimes in church though I don't mean it I cannot resist in some cases to smile because my daughter will say her prayers very loud. The people seated near us will turn their eyes with her and smile too. She always pray good health for me, daddy, grandparents in Philippines, cousins and friends. Never tired of saying that she wanted be a succesful doctor, nurse and Karate master someday. Wow, believed it or not that is her prayers everyday. She's doing pretty well good. My daughter is different from other kids in church because she is not talkative , grumpy , and don't even made some disturbance. She participate well and follow what we do and tried to catch the songs we've sing. Hopefully my child will continue her good deeds. We as parents will always here to support and love her with all our life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Changes

I could not resist but to write a little bit about what I felt among one of my favorite local showbiz personalities. I'm one of her avid fan or follower ever since she became famous in showbiz as Queen of Talk Shows. Well, to those who doesn't knew I'm a certified 'Kapamilya' while my hubby is 'Kapuso' sounds fun right? Even in T.V shows were always a rivalry, lol. This is the first time that I withdraw myself as one of her fan, I don't like the way she's doing or acting lately on T.V. I'm there already that we don't really know what exactly happened in their relationship. Started from the day of her brother's inauguration she made a big scene that attracted negatively among filipino people. I don't want to elaborate further about her because I know everyone knows her. Just lately , the famous husband recieved an MVP award and aside that he recieved a court order at same day. Wow, what a nice happening. They didn't wait until the next day and really ruined James's special day. From now on here in New Jersey we don't like to watch 'Pilipinas Win Na Win' at all because of her. Though I'm a certified 'kapamilya' sad to say that the new game show is not great and pretty boring especially the host. C'mon management look for another alternative people doesn't like it. Hope it will end soon and another show will replace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Health is Priceless

Yesterday afternoon my aunt leave a voicemail saying that she wanted to see me early morning for any little favors. I'm glad she came a little bit late than I expected. It is because I wanted to arranged and clean-up some mess in the living room. Ohh, forget it but my living room looks like a messy storeroom, lol. Though I keep on arranging them but my child put it all over again. By the way, going back to my aunt I managed to pick couples of her white hair. Well, that's normal anyway, she doesn't want somebody will recognized it especially at her work. Feeling young as she said. In the middle of our conversation she made mentioned to me that she is tired already from work. At the age of 53rd she wanted to relax and enjoy her money in the Philippines. As for her when she reached 55 to 60 is the best time to stop from work. Well, it's not a problem on her my aunt has a lot of money. She is still single and available until now. She is serving as a nurse in the hospital for almost 25th years already. Wow, what a great attainment. She's looking forward to build a small business in Philippines and assist her family running the their huge lot in Leyte. She doesn't want to be pressure in her job anymore and next few years wanted to set back and relax while her health is in good shape.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Showing Kindness

This coming Saturday 7th of August were going to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets for shopping galore. We've come up to go there for the sake of reaching out with our new neighbor and by showing them around. My friend mentioned me few days ago that her hubby wanted to buy a shoes which is not too much expensive. They went to a mall lately trying to look for a rubber shoes but doesn't like to buy if it's more than $150 bucks. Slowly they are buying a couple of stuffs that they could bring back to India this coming December. I told them about the outlets located in Jersey Shore, Jackson and in Flemington NJ. These are the branded stuffs that was sold straight from the factory and sold cheaper compare to the malls. So they are going to ride us this coming Saturday morning . The only fact is we cannot eat together in one restaurant for they are strictly to eat only Indian cuisine foods. So, we will just eat some french fries or cookies at Jersey Shore just to feel them fair. They doesn't like to go at Indian Restaurant anymore because they have an appointment at 1:00pm so we will just drop them off at their apartment after the shopping. I think this is the first time that somebody is with us in our new car. Sounds fun and great. I feel excited already with our coming shopping.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watching Movie at Home

My hubby is off today, no work, nothing to hurry but just have to set back and relax. My daughter doesn't want to watch our movie, it's a parental guidance anyway. So she just stay at our bedroom watching her favorite cartoon movies while me and my hubby watched our movie entitled "The Warlords" starred by Jet Li and two other prominent actors. It was a great movie with full of lessons. Living in the chaotic world is not easy as far as we know. You going to put your loyalty and you should mean with it. I cannot forget the line they have promised while taking their oath. It goes like this,"Whoever will hurt his brother should be dead". Three of them made a promise and made a blood compaque. After all trials and war they have together only one girl made their promises broke. As the saying goes by ''you cannot served two masters at the same time". The problem is they loved only one woman and that led their promises broke until one day they killed one another as their own punishment. Wow, what a history for them, though it was just a movie. I really do agree with the movie's lesson because even myself will always fulfill my promise to the best of my ability. Eventhough how hard would it get I'm the kind of person who stick to my promises and loyalty. Have a nice day everyone. ^_^

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pretty Cool

I found out that lately I am fun of remembering my past memories and experiences. Maybe because I am trying to reconnect my old high school friends. Not bad at all because through the powerful social media it's been reconnecting as it is going meant to be. Best example that I'd like to remember is when I and my close friends are seriously collecting and personalized stationaries with our name on it. Different styles, unique colors and even the smell has in common as well. Now that I am happily married I told my husband that we will get a personal business cards. I will say that this would be great because I don't have to write on a piece of paper whenever somebody like to get my contact information. Sounds pretty cool and awesome right? Well, I'm trying too to adopt in my real world today. Nothings wrong with it anyway. Hopefully I can follow good vices and only for the best of my self-satisfaction.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Dreaming

Usually I will stay at the living room while spending my time for dropping, adgitizing, blogging, facebook and etc. During my daughter's napping time I suddenly heard her crying hard. Oopps seems like new to me. I didn't hear my daughter cry while sleeping or maybe just awoke. I hurriedly came beside her and ask what happen. She tole me that she had a dream. I ask her on what it is all about but then she didn't replied on me but instead of crying though I'm there already. I just simply hug and offer her a drink so that she would stay calm. Later she join me and finally told me what happened on her dreams. She said ,"Mommy don't leave me and just go to work by the time I will go to school". In short my daughter doesn't want me yet to go to work. She was used that I'm always at her side since I resigned at the hotel. To make her feel comfortable I answer her that "I promise you that I'm always here at your side and I will go work by the time your in school. Probably next year I can continue my job or look another job because Meg will be in kindergarten. I'm so excited for my little girl's new adventure in life. I know everything will go smoothly and all is well hopefully.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Need Additional Dresser

I always remember what my parents told me before I reached in motherhood stage. They never failed to remind me on how to brought up my future children. Just like what my mother said that never buy a lot of clothing stuff for your child especially if they're still at infant stage. It's because they will suddenly grow-up surprisingly one day. Seems like yesterday my little girl has a cutie dresser in our room and now we need another one for her stuff . My husband and I are hopping around to look for the right dresser for my daughter. Its not a problem anymore because I'm good at it choosing the perfect style and color for my girl. We saw rustic bedroom furniture at the particular furniture factory for kids. It's quiet cool and cozy to look at. No wonder since I have a girl. I can choose lot of styles and designs. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be a mommy of one. No competition among siblings and we are just focusing and giving the needs of our one and only daughter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leche Flan

I feel like my daughter is slowly following one of my habits. Aside from being a kind girl she's into cooking as well. Last Sunday, she never stops begging on me that we are going to cook leche flan for her dad. Yeah, my husband loves to eat desserts especially if I'm the one prepares for it. Everytime I cook my daughter also do her shares just like mixing all the ingredients. She like to hold and the wire whip while putting my prepared ingredients in the bowl. Well, this is a good sign being a kid. By the time she will grow-up it's not hard for her to cook and engaged in the kitchen. Going back in my leche flan, I can say that I'm doin great and the taste was extremely delicious. Since I'm trying to avoid some fatty and sweets foods honestly I managed not to eat it at all for my diet sake. I'm proud because I made not to break my own rules. Awww, quiet sad I forbid myself eating those foods. Well, anyway it must be for my health benefit and maybe someday, somehow I could get a reward on what I am trying to.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New Pink Shoes

Pretty Pink Shoes

Would you believed that my daughter is pretty much growing nowadays? Yes, she envy already those pretty young lady shoes around or as what we called 'tween' kids around. Though she still 4 yrs old even me can feel already that at a later time I will be just surprised that my one and only daughter will transformed into teen and lady someday. Sounds scary right but I'm just reacting in practically.
One time when we gone at the store I saw this shoes first and likes it. Unknowingly Meg pick it up and carry wherever we go. She forced us to buy it though it doesn't fit her yet. We will count two more years to go until she can wear the pink shoes. No second taught on buying it for even me and my husband likes it as well. That's the smallest size and obviously nothing fits in her age. Anyway it's not expensive better get it and have fun seeing our daughter using the shoes and acted like a model right at our living room.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Best Cousin's Birthday

Yes, last 13th of July was my cousins 33rd birthday. I will say that she is full of blessings and surprises because a week before they found out that she is one month pregnant. What a priceless gift indeed. She is my closest cousin among others and my best friend as well. I knew everything about her and vice versa to me too. I'm so happy of all the things happened to her from past to present. Well, I believed if you are a kind person you will harvest fruits at the end. As for me, I don't expect in return but honestly I expect something better just like our Lord will always guide me whatever my life may bring from day by day.. For you my dear cousin, May the Lord shower and guide you from all trials in life. No matter what happen I will always be the same person as you know me before. Happy Birthday and miss you so. Hope will gonaa bond each other again by the time I visit Philippines sometime next year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome Movie

We just came home from the movie house after lunch. Having so much fun inside the theater while watching "Karate Kid". The lead star was so cool, well anyway he inherited that from his famous dad Wil Smith. The story was indeed realistic from your birthplace moving to a stranger place. It's pretty hard in reality right, especially if the language is totally new to you. A feeling like you are a prisoner of your own. A stage on where you will have to adjust and adopt for your sake. My daughter love it so much compare the movie we saw last week which is ''The Last Airbender''. Wow, my little girl is a movie goer now and she is much likely to watch another movie next weekend entitled the ''Toy Story". Just like me and her dad we love to see at the movie house at the big screen because the impact is very much more different compare watching it in DVD's. The only thing we cannot watch are adults movie because my daughter is always with us. So that's the only time we can rent or buy DVD's that we like for ourselves.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Not?

It's been a couple of days already I heard about LeBrons decision in joining Heat. Yeah, people has it's own point of views and criticisms about this. Oh, God it's his decision why can't people accept it? Just like for example in your job," if your not comfortable and happy so let go" as simply like that. LeBron has own reasons why he departed Cleaveland and it must be respected. People give him chance and freedom on where to go, that's his life anyway. We can't just judge a persons decision.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aunt Is Not Feeling Well!

Yesterday the three of us headed at our Aunts house to get some fresh vegetables right from her backyard. Hmmnn, I always smell it for it was very fresh compare the one at the grocery store. Right there and then I miss my family back home in Philippines for it reminds me with our vegetable garden. I remember back when I'm still a child when we go to the market to bring the crops for sale. Yes, it is very memorable for me just like with my sister who almost feel down at the stairs while murmoring. Back to my aunt she physically catch up some mild cough and colds from the patients she taking cared of from hospital. As I look at her face she really needs time to rest for some in awhile and thats what she is doing right now. A one week vacation leave is fun for her to do. Her house is very huge but the problem is she is single at the age of 50 right now. Just as what I'm always tease her to find a man as I believe it's not too late to have fun and enjoy, lol. Being a 100% dedicated from work is a big change of her lovelife before and has been disregarded until present. Well, everyone has it's different call from God whether you will leave as married or single blessedness. Different styles and life but we have to live our life to the fullest whatever what it has meant to be.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

A freedom to one and all. As we joined the mass this morning I observed a lot of vacant seats around. No wonder for today is one of the big celebration of America and surely they spend their day at the beach under the heat of the sun. No fun for us today because my hubby will report for work tonight and thats understandable, right? Anyway, next weekend is his weekend off so probably were going to have a late celebration as what my husband promised to us. I know it's going to be fun for were planning to visit Mountain Creek Water Park just a 1 hour and 40 minutes drive away from home. Last week we are really hooking up on the place that is going have a fireworks display. In our place we missed it for the schedule was last night at 9:30pm and we have in mind is tonight. Well anyway theres nothing we can do with it anymore for it was done and finished.
Hope everyone had a safe Independence day celebration. God bless to each of us and have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Good News

My 1st degree cousin happened also to be my best friend. Were at the same age, she is just 4 months older on me. The other day was a big surprise on me for she is two months pregnant and gonna due this coming January of next year. That's really good news for us because unknowingly he is difficult to get pregnant. We share sentiments before, from sadness to laughter jus like a close sister of mine. We have everything in common that is why we survived to stick one another for almost 32 years now. Not bad right? I missed my best cousin far away from here. Hopefully we could pursue our vacation plans next year so that I can see our new addition in our clan sometime next year. New babies are fun in the family. I even prepare already some cute stuff to give for her little one regardless of her gender.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bonding Time

Last Father's day we headed to the church of course, dine out and to bond at the park as what we usually do. The three of us were so dark for we keep on going at the beach to make some walks. There are lots of traits that my husband have that I could be proud of like, giving amful time to bond with us and providing all our wants and needs. Yesterday, he told me that next year we will probably make another baby and hopeful to have a boy next time. I know everyone would agree with me that it's not easy to raise kids here in America especially if you don't have any other relatives near you. I don't like to be grounded inside the house forever that is why we really planning our family. Next year we can petition already our parents so with it it's not difficult for us anymore for somebody will add up and can watch our child while were at work. It's not difficult to petition parents for you will only wait for about 1-1/2 years before they could follow. I just wish for the best, hoping our parents health will go smoothly and excited to be with them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Treat

Honestly, this is my first time to make a maja blanca. It is because in Philippines I don't have even space to make one, for everyone in the family loves to cook and usually my elder sister always prefer for herself and the rest will just eat. Well, that's what I like either just to relax and see everyones busy. Of course not I'm just kidding. But know what last father's day I surprise my husband with this new treat and he was really surprise because he wasn't used that I make maja blanca. He like the taste and my way of cooking. I just simply told him it is because this is for our own and not for commercial sake. Hmmnn, even myself can tell that my first time in making this is awesome and really taste great. He even compare on why is that some looks so clear while mine is very rich. Well, just like what I say it's the matter of preparations and the ingredients used. People have different styles anyway.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prayer Is The Best Weapon

Nowadays I don't feel much better knowing that my parents in Philippines isn't in good health. Sad to say but father is diabetic and not in good shape. Some people blaming us siblings by not forcing my father before and have been checked earlier by a doctor. Well, my father is very stubborn when it comes to medicine he always prepares some self-medication rather checked at the hospital. We saw some signs and symtoms even before but still my father doesn't like to be checked. Now, I will say that he needs more attention because he's not feeling well anymore and usually gets dizzy once in a day. My husband forced him to go to the doctor so that we will know the status of his health and as expected he is physically ill and must undergo certain medication. He will undergo another test sometime next week and all of us prayed that the result is not too bad and can find remedies. I believed prayer is the best weapon among all else. All of us hoping that my father will gonna have more life to live. Aside from being a diabetic he don't have any vices at all so it's really a big help for his health. We all know how expensive to get sick in Philippines especially for a diabetic patient. As what my brother told me aside from prayer my father well need our assistance financially.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddies!

I wanted to great a Happy Father's Day to the two important man in my life. Wish you both good health and more blessings to come. Thank you my dear papa for always there on me never tired of giving courage and perseverance on how to live my life to the fullest. To the man who bring me here in U.S.A thanks a lot for loving me and giving all I want especially our priceless God's gift baby Althea Meg. Thank you dear daddies for sharing and happened with my life in this world. Enjoy your day and have fun. Happy Father's Day to all dad's out there. ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do or Die

Yes, tonight is the big night. I'm very much excited already for the NBA final season game 7 tonight 9:00 pm @ ABC 07, Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics. I love Kobe Bryant so much for he is very dedicated in his career. Each of his moves thrills and amazed me. Everyone's thrilled for tonights game because it's championship night or as what my father said it's a Do or Die game, lol. Well, whoever will become champion for tonights game is gonna be awesome as expected. The two team is great and always gives their best. I love Lakers but my husband loves the two team he had favorites between the two so it doesn't matter at all for him whoever will won the game. Goodluck to all Lakers fans..How about you guys, whom do you prefer to be the champ?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Miss My Papa In Philippines

Father's Day celebration is on the way. From mother's day to father's day we siblings of six always prepares something for the celebration. Would you believed if I say that I love more my father than my mother? Yes, I love them both but basically because I'm a father's girl since then. I don't usually share problems to my mom as to compare with my dad. Maybe for the reason because my mom is very one sided on opinions. My dad is always there beside me to listen and confide in times of difficulties from financial to emotional problems. I just wish my father will live longer inspite of his health. He is sickly nowadays . Early next year I can submit already a petition to become an American citizen so by then petition of my parents will follow. I want them to live like what I have now and most importantly their health will be strictly monitor here in US.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Flag of the Philippines

June 12, 2010 is the Philippine Independence, a one of a kind celebration in Philippines. When I'm still a kid as far as I remember mostly of the families spend their day at the beach in commemoration of the celebration. A day filled of fun and joy, bonding moments of the whole family.
My 4 years old kid even know the meaning of the flag. Last year I told her that the three stars represents Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao while the sun gives light to the provinces. The blue color on top means joy, peace, happiness, trust and justice while red means war, patriotism, destroyness and defence. If the red color will be on top thats a sign that Philippines is at war in which I don't like that to happen 'til I'm alive. It is easy to teach little children on important current events or any important matter because they can absorb it easily at young age. Peace to everyone and enjoy your day..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Aunt's House

We live at my aunt's house way back 2007 for almost two years before we decided to rent an apartment. Honestly, I wanted and wish for a house of our own but not as big as their house. I'm just a simple person but not a social type of woman. I don't like this house for the reason it was super huge and very expensive. Sometimes way back before we cannot mostly see people inside because they are just staying in each room. Imagine 4 big bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom downstairs ,1 bedroom at the basement and 4 bathrooms . I even feel scared of this house before. I know I'm just too paranoid thinking of those weird things I've seen in the movie. That's the way I feel and it's just normal for a very big house like this. I still prepare for a 2-3 bedroom house just suited for my family and a simple way of living.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Adorable Little Girl

I'm proud to say that I am the mother of this young gorgeous little girl. These photos was taken last Saturday at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania. This is for the celebration of her 4th birthday, a treat from Daddy of course. We did enjoy our trip at Sesame especially my daughter. The best attraction for them is Big Bird's Rambling River. They enjoy floating and playing at the water. Even myself wanted to join them but sad to say nobody will watch our stuff and I just stick my job as my child's official videographer and photographer, lol. I always love taking photos of my baby girl. She is a natural poser at her age and love to pose in-front of the camera.
As our one and only daughter, we just wished her everything great for her until she grow up. We will always be there to guide and protect her from harm. Even now, we slowly explain to her how lucky she is compare to her cousins and relatives in Philippines. Were teaching her how to save money and how important to share some blessings to others. That way, atleast she could absorb a little of filipino values. Good night everyone and see you around..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What About This One?

I don't have nothing much to do than watching my daughter aside from blogging. My celfone and digicam always with me wherever may I go. While playing outside the yard I keep on thinking what to do with my lil' girl. Just then I remember that I didn't able to take photos of her moles, lol. Yeah, this is a simple request from my sisters to do way back then. I was surprised with her moles because we have something in common except the one in the photo above. The one in her foot is the same with my older sister Jovy whose in Dubai right now. They have two common moles while the other one is at her back of the shoulder. We keep on laughing with this one because as what they say these mole represents how "lakwatsira" the person is. Hmmnn, what's the connection in science right? Well, anyway I usually don't believed on whatever they say. Just to tell you a little I just discovered that almost everyday my daughter wanted to go anywhere as long as she can get out the house and shopping is her favorite things to do. How about you mommies what do you think is the real meaning of her mole? Have a nice day :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You by George Benson

I think everyone had a hint already on why I posted this song. Yes, it's quiet corny and it does chills me through my bones to say that it is our theme song. As time goes by till now we both still adore and love this song. Not just the rhythm of the music but the meaning of the song is very much indeed wonderful. How about you mommies out there, whats your favorite music together with your hubby? Surely you have your own pick right? Nice to say that my little girl is musically inclined as well. She don't choose a song or type of music anymore because everytime we played a song she used to like it as well and even sing together . Well as what we can see, my daughter has a voice quality much likely with her dad and grandma but don't mention mine anymore. I love music but sad to say music don't like me that much. My daughter has a lot of favorite singers both local filipinos and here abroad. Hopefully she will not change until she will grow-up into a fine young lady that would still love music.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Newest Little Idol In Philippines

Isn't she lovely?
I just wanted to share the photo of my newest little idol in Philippines. From the beginning up to now when shes joining little big dreamers I already keep an eye on her. She's not a big winner but shes on top 3 finalist. I can say, she is now the drama little princess. She is excellent in her drama roles. Well, it's very obvious after her acting as little "Agua Bendita" it was followed immediately with "Momay".
My family loves her especially my daughter who always watch "Momay" teleseries. Her dedication as an actress blooms right away. I just hope she will not change and she will grow-up into a fine young woman in the future. Go, go little Xyriel Anne. Hope to see you in person before you will reach in teenage years.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craving of Something

Ohh, I missed Cebu mangoes so much. The fine texture on it and especially the yummy smell of sweetness. I bought these mangoes at the Asian store here in NJ. One good thing I mastered already on which are sweet and not so sweet. For your information mommies pick the one at Ataulto from Mexico it's very sweet but your smell of taste won't work like what we always do in Philippines. It's not smelly at all, just look at it and use your instinct whether it sweet or not hahaha,lol. They have lots of mangoes here too comes from neighboring countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico and many to mention. I tried already and prepare mango float for desert but sadly to say I wasn't contented with the outcome maybe because I keep on longing for mangoes that is impossibly would be here. Atleast, I can buy mango ice cream at the Asian store made from Philippines, the famous Selecta Mango Ice Cream, really taste from the tropics. Yayyy, happy weekend everyone and enjoy :).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Simply Remember Those Days

As a stay at home mom I don't have much to do than setting down in-front of the computer blogging, facebook, friendster and visiting sites that I liked to update with. Woaahh, what a boring life I have here compare the life I have four years ago. Yeah, I'm not really complaining I just wanted to share with some of my friends here. Sometimes I felt self pity for myself especially in my undescribable figure, lol. By the way, I post this photo because this is very memorable one for me. This was taken during our Christmas Party which was held inside the workplace Embassy Suites Hotel. I really missed those days for everyday I have hectic schedule and busy for everything.
Crazy and funny at the same time as I say. Sometimes I don't understand our feelings. There's a time when you wanted to quit with your job because of the divided time with the family and if you don't have job still complaining again that staying home is too much boring at all. Well, I guess life is like that, uncontented of everything. But for me, hopefully next year when my little kid will go to school I can go back to my job. I'm not choosy when it comes to work, anything will do for me as long as I have something to do. I'm hoping for the best next year in our new place, another state, and to make it short everything would be new I guess.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Terrible Schedule

Inspite of my husbands hectic schedule he able to manage one full time and one part time job as a nurse. A lot of his friends amazed him on his lifestyle. Yeah, we all know its not good for his health. As for the moment he want to grab this opportunity so that he can save more for our relocation next year. Just for the meantime not for good. Would you believed he worked sixteen hours straight for two weeks? How many hours he spend for sleeping? Well, thats a big question you know. He was mad this morning because he taught his free and no schedule for part time job. By the time we get at the park his part time agency called him on why he didn't arrived at the school yet?! Oh-ooh, as far as we knew today schedule wasn't listed on our organizer. But what he can do is to try to go there because the school is waiting for a nurse and they said that it is better late than never at all. This is nobody's fault because both parties were not clear on their schedule. Being a nurse is not as easy as we knew. As what my husband told me, they worked very intense at the nursing holmes compare at the hospital. That is why next year, he will apply as a nurse at Texas hospital next year hopefully.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Congratulations to ALL Winners!!!

How about you? Was your bet won the election? Yes, I know that Comelec don't have any official announcement of winners at this time. Through looking at the unofficial result as of the moment we can determined on who won right? It's pretty clear and obvious already. Although I didn't cast my vote but still I'm quiet satisfied with the ongoing result. Hopefully, we could see changes in our beloved country few years from now. Nobody will deprived anymore the life, happiness and quality education among poor fellow citizens. Change is very important in Phillipine government for tomorrows children. I keep on watching TFC news and hooking up the net about the latest happenings and results of the election. I just crossed my fingers and hoping by next year I can tell myself and to my parents that they had a good job on voting the right candidate. People should not forget this saying and apply themselves as well ''If others can why can't I'' this will lead to improvements and satisfactions for everyone. Goddluck and God bless Philippines. ^_^

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodluck to All Voters

I ask my parents last night of who will be their next president to vote for Monday's election. Actually the two has unanimous bet. Well, I don't want to mention the presidentiables anymore it's quiet a secret for them. Secret is a secret anyway and I respect that, lol.
Inspite of all speculations, hopefully the election will flow like a river that flows smoothly. Why is that some people cannot accept that they didn't won the election and even lead them to kill somebody.In short power hunger. A lot of individuals wanting to be government officials and doesn't even know the functions. Is it a kind of a joke? They should know their credibility and credentials before running in a certain position. Not only because they are rich/poor, excellent credentials but the thing is their loyalty, love and support for their country Philippines. In just my own opinion some officials are just excellent in times of campaign period and after that they simply forget their duties and responsibilities. I'm not referring as a whole but just some few individuals. Well anyway, I just wish a peaceful election in the country on Monday, 10th day of May. Godbless to all voters and goodluck to all running individuals in different positions.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!


Hello to all moms out there. Tomorrow is our day, a day to celebrate of being promising mom. Well, as for me here we will just simply go to mass and dine out after just an ordinary Sunday.
I was amazed with my 3 yr old little girl, she give some effort to make a card for me yesterday. She cut some cute stuff, draw something and put in a big colored hardbound paper. I'll just post the photo next time. I'm so happy with what she did. A liitle effort from the kids is a big thing to all parents, right? It is such a wonderful feeling having a kid. Having a children will make you feel complete as a woman. Well, so much for this I just wanted to wish good things to all moms out there and celebrate it in a healthy way. Be happy and always thanks the Lord for all the blessings we have. Have fun and enjoy for mother's day celebration.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Upcoming Birthday Of My Unica Hija

Yeah, my little girl is going to celebrate her 4th birthday this coming June 4, 2010. Her dad, decided to celebrate it by just the three of us. Yes, were going to spend some quality time with each other while staying at the hotel near Sesame's Place. My daughter is really looking forward to visit that place so we decided to spend our days there and have some visit also at the Hershey Park as well. Hopefully my kid will enjoy on her coming birthday. We don't like to spend much just like having a party, because we have a lots of plan to take for next year. Were going for a one month vacation early next year in Philippines and transfer to Texas in the middle of next year. Obviously, we do need bunch of money for next year. That is why, were on a tight budget and spending just right for the three of us.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Daughter's Favorite Hang-Out

......Playing a game..... birthday...

Chuck'E'Chesses is my daughter's favorite hang-out and even other kids right? Kids wanted to spend their time here because it's awesome, very enjoyable at kids to all ages and even parents as well. This picture was taken last two years ago. I wanted to mesmerized this photo because this is the year where her daddy passed the NCLEX exam here in the USA. Were very happy that time. Our baby girl is very behaved that time because its her first time to get out and mingle some other kids. From time to time until now, I think once a week my baby girl was used or we are used to be at Chuck'E' Chesses to have some fun. Sometimes it kinda quiet boring because we are known already with the employees there, nothings new with all the faces, lol. But what can I do, she enjoys there and anyway we just wanted to give what she likes at this young age. Maybe someday we cannot noticed at all that our baby will suddenly become a young lady.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye Fishy

Yes, I'm talking about my little girl pets. Its an orange goldfish. Among five goldfish we have my daughter had a favorite. Eversince before we bought this fish at the petshop, we noticed something this fish aside from being friendly to other fish the color was very entertaining. It was sad that last week we found it uncomportable and looks ill. Then after a couple of hours her favorite fish was simply floating in the water and dead. Oouuch, my girl really felt bad and misses her pet so much. She wanted to buy another one likes her favorite but since her daddy is busy working , maybe sometime next week we can purchased a new group of fishes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time To Watch Movie At Theater

Last year everytime we encourage my little girl to watch movie at the cinemas she always don't like and hesitate to get inside the theater. Maybe she's thinking that inside was dark and scary. Well that's normal for a newbie movie goer like her.
Last week was awesome both for me and her because finally when we told her to watch the 'How To Train A Dragon' and he answer a big 'yes'. She was scared at first with all the sound effects and a big screen pictures. After a while the three of us was overjoyed with my daughter's reaction and the movie as well. Great for she experienced it for the first time and hopefully a movie to follow this summer. The movie we saw had a good lesson for everyone. It's like the saying "Don't do unto others if you don't like others do unto you''. I always remember and likes a single line in the movie, a father and son discussion and it goes like this:Father said,"They (dragons) killed a hundreds of us (people)and the son answer "But father we killed thousands of them (dragons). Hiccup the son doesn't want to follow or killed the dragons because for him they could possibly be kind to each other and be friends if people should try to understand and feel each needs. And train them in a right way and well mannered.

At The Museum

Early morning we've been visiting at the New Jersey State Museum's on it's 30th annual celebration called Super Science Saturday. This is a one day affair only so we grab the opportunity to be there earlier since my hubby have work at the evening. Living here in USA for more than four years its been my first time happened to see the state museum located at Trenton NJ. We travel there for 41 minutes from our place. We wanted that our child to be engage earlier about science. Knowing especially that they have 27 Exhibitors. We did enjoy a little bit seeing those old artifacts, bones of the different species and a lot of preserved stuff of collections. After roaming around the museum and checking all they exhibits we also join and watch programs at their planetarium. The program that we able to catch-up is all about 'Stars' at 11:00 am. My daughter was amazed since its her first time as well at the planetarium. Even me can get a lesson with what we saw or shall I say I get more understanding now about stars. Learning is unstoppable until theres life. ^_^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Think Clean and Green

Having fun at the park while celebrating Earth Day..

There just showing their love on this tree , lol..

How nice is to be always involved and practicing on how to help on making our environment into clean and green. For your information to those who doesn't know I'm one of the youth council in our barangay by maintaining clean and green in our surroundings. I don't know why I'm so eager enough to help without having in return. It was wholeheartedly coming from my heart. In the family of six siblings I'm the only active among youth and participating in all activities. That is why I wanted also to share with it with my daughter on how to help clean the surroundings and the good example for that is to segragate well the garbage trash from the recycle stuff. Thankfully my daughter got it already and even practicing by herself.

Showing love and care in our surroundings is a very good example to others. Let us try to do it first within ourself so that others may follow our good deeds. ^_^